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What the hail is walking on v Bishop Eddie Long? he is virtually unrecognizable this days!

The mega-church leader recently returned come the pulpit of brand-new Birth Missionary Baptist Church after gift M.I.A. For weeks.

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Many speculated the about the state of Long’s health after he publicly announced he was on a ‘vegan diet’ (click below if girlfriend missed that) the then declared he had actually been ill yet had been healed by the elegant of God.

Now, numerous are buzzing online about the pastor’s shockingly frashill appearance.

More image + video below…

Atlanta's own Bishop Eddie long looks unrecognizable in new photos. Countless speculate a serious health issue, that says, "God has actually healed him". Pic.twitter.com/TroiiDD9Lp

— whatever Georgia (
GAFollowers) December 28, 2016

Twitter has been ablaze v speculation about Long’s new look and many room referring to together ‘Karma’ because that what he accused did come those young boys numerous years ago.

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Whatever the case, it’s clean that lengthy is suffering from something but both he and also the church are maintaining his ailment under wraps.

On a associated note, a video clip posted to brand-new Birth’s YouTube page on December 11, 2016 mirrors that the bishop is therefore frail the he have the right to barely worship walk ~ above his own…