It can be the most pivotal date of birth of her kid"s life (so far?). Here"s a small bit of object help.

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So friend made it one more year together a parent, and also now it’s time to celebrate: You’ve obtained a 3-year-old’s birthday party come plan! We’ve gathered up several of the ideal toddler party concepts — whether your small one is obsessed with Minnie mouse or devoted to Toy Story, these are guaranteed to make your child’s third birthday one to remember. They’re all basic enough to orchestrate yourself, yet leave lot of of room for those who desire to walk all out. Though, let’s challenge it, 3-year-olds nothing need lot besides every other, cake, shiny things to wave about, and also the chance to operation free.

Most of these 3rd-birthday party concepts will job-related absolutely anywhere, but we’ve contained a special section with some easy and low-cost indoor date of birth themes to change your residence into a short-term paradise for the 3-year-old set. This are activities that can work on short notice, if bad weather strikes, and require little more than a an imaginative look right into your equipment closet and a quick trip come the supermarket.

Kids represent the largest unvaccinated group in the U.S., which means that at home gatherings still pose a risk and should it is in avoided. In April, however, the Centers for disease Control revised your guidelines because that outdoor gatherings, i beg your pardon are now deemed lower-risk for little groups, so long as masks are worn by unvaccinated kids and also adults, and social distancing is maintained. 

Indoor 3rd-Birthday Party principles for Winter Babies 

Ice Cream & Cookie Party

What kid could turn down ice cream and cookies? To obtain everyone involved, roasted a batch the sugar cookies the day before the party, have actually a few types that icing and also sprinkles on hand, and lay down some wax paper. Letting youngsters decorate (and eat) their very own treats is a fun method to keep them fed and entertained. (Bonus: friend won’t also have come worry about making a birthday cake through this one.) girlfriend can also let youngsters make their very own sundaes or roasted cupcakes inside ice cream cones. If you want to obtain super crafty, make an ice cream themed p bag toss. No party is finish without pin the cherry on the ice cream cream sundae. You deserve to make your own version with this tutorial.

Craft Party 

At the mellower finish of the indoor birthday-party spectrum is the classic craft party. Simply supply your guests v crayons, building and construction paper, finger paints (washable only!), chalkboards, play dough — every little thing you deserve to find. Create art stations through different activities at each table and let kids take house the work of arts that they make. Save an eye on all of the kiddos to make sure no one eats the play dough — but give them cost-free reign to use rolling pins, cookie cutters, popsicle sticks, pipeline cleaners, and other craft offers to produce whatever lock want.

Tea Party

For the 3-year-old with much more refined tastes, the tea party offers tons of an elaborate fun. Invite guest to bring their favorite stuffed animal, and carry out light accessories like hats, gloves, or feather boas. Cut sandwiches into fun forms with cookie-cutters, and serve bite-size treats choose mini cupcakes, donuts, or mini cookies. These paper teacups space perfect for guests no yet all set to manage china, and also they make for basic cleanup. Conserve yourself hrs of constructing tissue record pom-poms and just to buy this set, which provides all your decor needs.


Celebrate the many special human being in your life through a touch that the supernatural. Guests will ultimately have an excuse to wear their superhero costume the end of the house! (Though this collection of 8 capes because that $18.49 is good to have actually on hand for guests that don’t have actually one.) they can also decorate their own superhero cuffs made from toilet record rolls reduced lengthwise. Come let guests test their superpowers, set up problem courses and games. You have the right to tape the deals with of villains to empty soda bottles and let them shot to punch the bad guys down v bean bags, or allow them test their spidey senses through silly string! do a video game of warm potato extra on-theme through calling the kryptonite.

Movie Theater 

Create the perfect birthday party by turning your life room into a movie theatre by arranging bean bags, chairs, and pillows for seating; pop part popcorn, grab some candy for the “snack stand,” rental a projector, hang up a sheet and host a day at the “movies” by reflecting your toddler’s favourite films.

Dance Party

Three-year-olds love nothing an ext than a wild toddler run party: create a playlist v their favorite songs, and festoon the dance floor/living room festooned with lights, streamers and also balloons.

Battle that the Bands

Host a fight of the bands with whatever instruments (and pots and also pans and spoons) you have actually handy, and let children learn about music by providing them complimentary range to do their own.

Magic Show

And now that you have actually a 3-year-old, it’s more than likely a great idea to master a few DIY magic tricks — through a cape, a hat, and also a few simple illusions up your sleeve, girlfriend can constantly keep a room complete of 3-year-olds spellbound.

The finest Themes for 3rd-Birthday Parties 


Have guests destruction for “dino eggs” (Easter eggs filled with treats) in a sandbox or bucket the rice. These dinosaur shade scratchers room a timeless party activity. This party set will save things simple, but if you really right into decor, nothing’s cuter 보다 a mini date of birth hat on a plastic dinosaur. Momentary tattoos are always a hit!

Fairy Tales

Read every one of your child’s favorite fairy tales, or pat that game where girlfriend go around the circle and also have each human being say a sentence that adds up to a silly story. These wands, made the end of that black file that you scratch away to reveal color, are the perfect age-appropriate, no-mess craft. Ribbon wands have the right to also provide a ton the fun. Collection the mood v twinkly fairy lights and also maybe a unicorn piñata for an excellent measure. 


Paper lanterns can easily be transformed right into ladybugs through black pom-poms glued to them. Have actually story hour special the Grouchy Ladybug. Guests can paint these wooden ladybugs or their sun catcher counterparts. Ladybug slime is certain to it is in a crowd-pleaser.


Who no love a carnival? your county same will come to life in your very own backyard by setting up a couple of simple games and offering part prizes. Think a ring toss, fishbowl toss, cornhole, and also “guess how numerous items room in the jar.” A face-painting terminal adds extra fun! If you don’t desire to serve a complete meal this layout is perfect, as popcorn and cake will suffice.


Keep decor simple with red gingham tablecloths, sunflowers, and also bandanas. Kids will love decorating mini flower pots and also planting some seeds, and they offer as a functional alternative to goodie bags complete of garbage. Stick horses will likewise keep them liven (these blow up ones are just $4 each), and also farm bingo is constantly an option. Serve things like nation lemonade, milk, pigs in a blanket, corn ~ above the cob, and “hay bale” Rice Krispie treats.

Toy Story

Get the template going through red, orange, yellow, and also blue balloons. You can decorate v cardboard boxes labeled “Andy’s Toys” or repaint them to resemble alphabet blocks. Pretty much anything environment-friendly can it is in transformed right into a Toy Story alien with three googly eyes, native balloons to cup to Jell-O. Guests will love make their very own Forky, tutorials for which space abundant, or dressing increase potatoes together Mr. Potato Heads. Toy soldiers do the perfect cake topper, and also Woody’s cowboy hats are conveniently fashioned out of chocolate crisps and also Rolos.

Mickey/Minnie Mouse

An oldie however a goodie. Kids can decorate their own Mickey or Minnie ears, or, because that the edible version, a Mickey mouse cookie. Any old cupcake becomes a Mickey mouse cupcake with Oreos strategically put as ears. A mouse cookie-cutter will certainly transform just about any food right into a party food, indigenous pizza come fruit to PB&J. Nothing forget a Mickey computer mouse piñata!


It’s time to walk bananas! Bring ago classic gamings like monkey in a barrel and egg top top a spoon races, except with a banana and a spatula. Beat monkey freeze dance, or have kids race to uncover the banana slices buried in plates of whipped cream… without utilizing their hands. Make cacao “monkey bark” with Nilla Wafers, edible google eyes, and banana candies, or have a banana separation bar.

Outdoor funny for 3-Year-Old birthday Parties

Cowboys and also Cowgirls

Give each guest a bandana or cowboy hat. Let guests test their lasso an abilities with a classic ring toss, and try their hand in ~ digging because that gold in buckets the sand. For a funny photo-booth prop, cut a frame out the a large piece that cardboard and also write “wanted” top top it. Decorate with gingham tablecloths, sunflowers, and, if her area enables for it, hay bales.


Butterfly nets administer another excuse come run approximately outside. Who deserve to resist butterfly tattoos or a butterfly-themed 3rd birthday piñata? Bowties make easy “butterfly pasta salad,” though butterfly cookie-cutters have the right to make just about any food on-theme.

Teddy be afflicted with Picnic

At age 3, eating outside with her teddy be affected by each other is quiet a novelty. Have guests bring their favorite fuzzy friend and also sit on classic gingham picnic blankets. Serve gummy bears and also teddy bears, as well as your kid’s favourite foods. Don’t forget snacks for the bears!


It’s easy enough to decorate with caution tape, mini website traffic cones, and yellow, black, and orange balloons. Toy trucks are extra fun when there’s a sandbox involved. You deserve to make your won by lining a kiddie pool through garbage bags and also filling it through sand or dirt. Children can test their an abilities painting a cardboard playhouse, or “nailing” golf tees right into cardboard or styrofoam with toy hammers. As for food, dust cups, do with cacao pudding and also cookie crumbs, space perfect because that this theme.

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