We room elated come share that our lover giraffe Katie provided birth to a healthy male calf top top Tuesday, may 30, at roughly 1:45 p.m. As of Thursday morning, when the zoo’s veterinarian team conducted a well-baby checkup, the practically 6-foot baby weighed in at about 150 lbs.

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Katie and also her new bouncing baby boy space doing an extremely well, following what was a by-the-book, hour-long delivery. The calf has actually spent his first couple of days learning just how to nurse and following mom about their area.


Katie lovingly nudges her new baby boy, born ~ above Tuesday afternoon.

“We take into consideration ourselves so lucky to obtain to welcome this (big) small guy to the human being here in ~ the Dallas Zoo,” claimed Harrison Edell, the Dallas Zoo’s vice chairman of animal operations and also welfare. “Katie brought this calf into the world like a pro, and we continue to it is in amazed at how quickly this infant giraffe is taking to his surroundings and learning his way with Katie there to overview him.”

Now, in ~ 9 years old, Katie has welcomed 3 calves with ease – 2 females, and also now her an initial male. An excellent, proven mother, Katie will remain with she calf for the next few weeks together they link behind the scenes.

The baby will certainly then accomplish the truest gentle huge of them every – Uncle Auggie. Our oldest and also most patience giraffe, Auggie is typically the an initial to meet new calves. And also eventually, the calf will sign up with the remainder of the herd in the giraffe feeding yard.

We’re offering the honor of specify name the infant giraffe to the zoo team that took together stellar care of mom during her pregnancy and also are now caring because that the newest enhancement to our giraffe herd. Fine announce his name prior to the calf make his public debut.

The calf’s father, Tebogo, is among the most renowned giraffes in ~ the Dallas Zoo. Matched with Katie ~ above an combination of Zoos and Aquariums’ types Survival plan (SSP) reproduction recommendation, the two were paired together to ensure suitable breeding and also genetic diversity in north America.

“Welcoming this infant giraffe to the Dallas Zoo is yet one more milestone in what has been a very exciting year for us,” claimed Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo’s president and also CEO. “We look forward to sharing the beloved awkwardness and also cute baby confront of the giraffe calf through our visitors. But we additionally want our guest to know how an important a role accredited zoos have in conservation efforts, together we shot to assist maintain the species’ existence provided the numbers in the wild are diminishing for this reason rapidly.”

Unfortunate news fight the giraffe population in late 2016 – the global Union because that Nature and Conservation downgraded the types status from “least concern,” skipped the “near threatened” classification, and moved giraffes straight to the “vulnerable” category.

In the previous 30 years, the giraffe population has experienced a almost 40% drop because of human encroachment, poaching and also habitat loss. It’s believed there are fewer than 97,000 individuals in the wild – scarcer than even African elephants.

And for reticulated giraffes, the subspecies we treatment for right here at the zoo, just 4,700 remain. This all amounts to what researchers room calling a silent extinction for the tallest and also longest-necked pet in the kingdom.

The Dallas Zoo proudly supports the Reticulated Giraffe Project and the Giraffe Conservation structure (GCF) by capital efforts to screen giraffes and remove snares in Uganda. We also help GCF raise anti-poaching awareness in african communities.

The much more you know…


The Dallas Zoo’s new giraffe calf has been energetic and exploring due to the fact that just after ~ his birth on Tuesday.

We know you’ll have questions, therefore we thought we’d try to answer a couple of here –

How space Katie and the infant doing? Both space healthy and also doing really well. The calf has been best on schedule v his activities, standing, nursing, and also showing a curiosity to discover – just as we want to see.Was it an easy delivery? Yes, Katie was in labor for much less than one hour and all went as expected.When will you have the ability to see the calf top top exhibit? the will most likely be numerous weeks prior to he’s the end on exhibit. Watch the zoo’s social networks for updates.What is the calf’s name? We’ll let you know soon! when the team here at the zoo decides on the name, we’ll notice it.Will the public have a possibility to aid name the baby giraffe? We’re going to offer our giraffe team the honor of naming the calf.What has actually the zoo excellent to the exhibition to make certain it’s safe offered what taken place with Kipenzi? We have actually modified the entrance gate mechanism and intensified the fencing within the exhibit for added protection for the whole giraffe herd. We think these measures will help mitigate the possibility of one inadvertent injury in the exhibit.Katie caught hearts in 2015 v first-ever “Giraffe birth Live”

Katie received global attention in 2015 as soon as she ceded calf Kipenzi throughout a remarkable, first-ever live streamed bear on animal Planet and Animal earth L!VE internet cameras. Countless people approximately the people fell in love through Katie and her calf – the birth drew more than 2 million streams on APL.tv, and also the “Giraffe birth Live” TV special drew 1.4 million viewers.

The live project turned millions into devout, faithful giraffe fans. Indigenous admirers making your support long-term with giraffe tattoos, come flying throughout the people to meet Katie and also Kipenzi in person, the impact this mother-daughter duo had actually was immeasurable.

This time around, we chose to no live stream Katie’s delivery. While several of Katie’s fans to be sad come not be able to tune in because that 24-hour access to the birth, us didn’t want to shot to recreate the magic that the an initial “Giraffe bear Live.”

Sadly, Kipenzi passed far in July 2015 adhering to a tragic accident. After Kipenzi’s death, the Dallas Zoo and also Animal planet received numerous thousands of message of sympathy and gratefulness for the unmatched project. One outpouring of support from she fans led to practically $100,000 in donations for giraffe conservation and other wildlife conservation efforts about the world.

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Come visit our now 10-member giraffe herd, i m sorry roams the award-winning Giants the the Savanna, the only U.S. Zoo habitat wherein giraffes and elephants mingle alongside various other African species. In 2015, the habitat was called USA Today’s No. 3 “Best Zoo Exhibit” in the nation.