The interior of martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home on Auburn path in Atlanta, Georgia, have the right to be checked out on a Ranger-guided tour only. Tours are restricted to fifteen people and also are hosted at the very least every hour, and every fifty percent hour if staffing allows, starting at 10 AM, with the last tourism at 4 PM. Tour frequency all counts on the number of staff members accessible each day—which deserve to fluctuate early out to condition or other reasons because that absence—so there is no collection schedule, though every half hour is the goal during the liven summer and also holiday seasons. No tours are given on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new Year’s Day.

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There is no charge for the tour, but you must get a ticket in ~ the young name Luther King, Jr. National historic Park visitor Center. Tickets are easily accessible on a first-come, first-served basis on the work of the tour, so you must display up in human to obtain a ticket. Teams can take it up to three time slot for a total of 45 people. Uneven you space able to get a ticket for the really next tour, you will be assigned a tourism time and also must go back to the Visitor facility to choose up the really ticket a fifty percent hour before the booked time. After ~ ten minutes your ticket will certainly be offered to the next obtainable visitor.

Don’t issue if you room unable to obtain a ticket until later on in the day, due to the fact that there is lot of to carry out in the park. The exhibition area and also the 2 films presented at the Visitor facility can eat up an hour, over there is another exhibit area and the King dig at the King center that can take up another hour, and also a 3rd hour can be spent on self-guided tourism of Ebenezer Baptist Church and also Fire station No. 6. Over there are likewise plenty that restaurants and also bars on Auburn Avenue.

There are also open-house tours hosted on some Saturdays during pick hours, and also on young name Luther King Jr. Day. No tickets room required; just show up in ~ the house. The schedule is not conveniently available, so contact the park in ~ (404) 331-5190 to inquire around days and times.

A tourism of the birth home is the top attract of boy name Luther King, Jr. National historical Park, and also with much less than 200 tour spots accessible each day, it have to come together no surprised that they “sell out” quickly throughout the summer and also holidays. I came down on 10 am on a Monday in mid-June and the an initial tour accessible was at 11:30 AM. There were 2 dozen people in the Visitor center at that time. I watched among the park films at 10:30 AM, and also when I come out the the theatre a fifty percent hour later on there must have actually been fifty people there. A Ranger said me tickets room usually gone by about 11 AM; that is not unexplained to have a pair dozen world waiting because that the Visitor facility to open up at 9 AM. Therefore, if a residence tour is her goal, I very suggest being at the park as soon as the Visitor facility opens. Similar to all nationwide Parks that have actually attractions that require a ticket, you deserve to never walk wrong by arriving early. Be aware that throughout the school season that school groups can take up to 3 tour times, and that’s every school. Therefore, if you arrangement to visit during this time, be certain to call a couple of days ahead to examine tour availability for the general public.


Birth residence of martin Luther King Jr.

The home at 501 Auburn path was constructed in 1895. It was purchased in 1909 through Reverend Adam Daniel Williams. His daughter, Alberta Christine, married Michael King in 1926, and also the two moved in v her parents. They would go on to become the parental of 3 children, every one of who to be born in the house: Willie Christine (1927), Michael Jr. (1929), and Alfred Daniel (1930).

In 1934, Michael Sr. Readjusted both his own name and Michael Jr.’s come Martin Luther. He declared he had uncles called Martin and Luther and also that his father wanted him to readjust the names. However, most people think the name change was the an outcome of a 1934 pilgrimage to Europe, v Germany being one of the countless countries he visited. It to be a time once the Nazis were very first coming come power, and he became more aware of martin Luther, the German priest who began the Protestant reformation in the at an early stage 1500s. His followers would go top top to form the Lutheran church.

In 1931, Reverend Williams died, and also ten years later his mam died. Quickly after this, the emperors moved to a brand-new house in ~ 193 Boulevard Northeast (no much longer exists). Boy name Luther Jr. To be twelve year old in ~ the time. However, the Auburn Avenue home remained in the family and also became a rental home. After Martin Luther Jr.’s assassination in 1968, Coretta Scott, the woman he married in 1953, established the martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center, today recognized as the King Center. Part of her plan was to rotate the Auburn Avenue house into a museum. The King center took property of the residential property in 1973, and it was first opened to the general public in 1975.

In 1980, chairman Jimmy Carter developed the young name Luther King, Jr. National historic Site, though at the time the nationwide Park business didn’t actually own any kind of of the sites in ~ the park. The birth house and also the King center remained under the ownership of the King Family, Ebenezer Baptist Church was still a work church, and Firehouse No. 6 was still a functioning firehouse. The current National Park business Visitor facility didn’t exist until 1996. Park rangers did, however, take end the conducting of home tours in 1982.

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In January 2018, chairman Donald trump signed law that changed the designation of the historic Site come Historical Park, a designation for parks that contain a number of historical buildings and also / or landmarks. But that wasn’t the only adjust to come. The burden and also cost that the upkeep ~ above the boy name Luther King Jr. Birth Home had grown too large, for this reason the King household turned to the nationwide Park business to take long-term ownership. This became a fact in November 2018 once the nationwide Park structure purchased the property for a reported $1.9 million, climate donated it come the nationwide Park Service. The acquisition was made possible by a donation from charity Robert Smith. The national Park Service likewise purchased the house at 234 Sunset path NW in Atlanta, the house where the queens were living once Martin was eliminated in 1968. The house must be renovated, yet there room plans to open up it for tours.