The dangerous an obstacle is taking over social media after the movie Bird Box come out top top Netflix Canada.

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People have actually been absolutely i heard with among the latest thriller movies to hit Netflix, Bird Box. People are also taking their love for the movie so much that Netflix has had actually to warn viewers not to reenact the movie in genuine life. The "Bird box Challenge" is now a real thing, and also Netflix has even issued a warning telling people not to try it at home. 

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Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie wherein a household has to walk on a attention journey completely blindfolded come avoid acquiring killed through a dangerous monster that captures people v eyesight. Lots of memes have been made about the movie, and also now people are taking it to the following level and actually blindfolding themselves in real life come act the end the plot at home.

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The Bird Box challenge consists of human being living their everyday lives blindfolded together if they to be in the movie. Even if it is it"s perfect tasks, or even just walking down the street or in your house, human being are now documenting their experiences blindfolded. The videos are completely insane, and also Netflix is currently warning viewers the doing this risky difficulty could cause hospitalization. 

Can’t believe I need to say this, but: PLEASE perform NOT ache YOURSELVES v THIS BIRD crate CHALLENGE. We don’t know how this started, and we evaluate the love, however Boy and also Girl have just one wish because that 2019 and it is the you not finish up in the hospital because of memes.

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January 2, 2019

Netflix is currently begging people not to perform the Bird box Challenge. The streaming business posted the announcement on Twitter and also told viewers that they go not want them to "end increase in the hospital because of memes." 

The Bird Box challenge has led to some insane viral videos. World are also doing 24-hour challenges and documenting that all. Check out exactly how some human being have check the Bird box Challenge. Spoiler: it looks yes, really painful. 

Only in NY #BirdBox #BirdBoxChallenge

December 25, 2018

In the over video, a team is go together roughly the streets of brand-new York City blindfolded. One male starts running and ends up falling down numerous stairs that a subway entrance, and also it looks horrifyingly painful. 

Lmaooo the baby!!!#birdboxmemes #BirdBox #birdboxmemes #BirdBoxChallenge

December 27, 2018

One dad even blindfolded his two kids to imitate Sandra Bullock"s personality in the movie, as she protects her two children. In this Bird crate Challenge, the man"s infant ends increase walking right right into a wall surface and that looks awful.

Bird Box an obstacle Fail, H1N1 Virus Is Back, Drake In hot Water and More

Some civilization have also gone a complete 24 hours blindfolded in an attempt to live a full day in the life of Bird Box. Check out your experience, which was documented and put ~ above YouTube. 

Let"s face it: 2019 simply started, and also it"s a hot mess already. For the safety and security of yourself and others, it"s probably ideal not come blindfold yourself and also live the end Bird Box in genuine life.