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On Monday"s Dancing v the Stars, Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough pulled off a simple, elegant freestyle regimen that controlled to carry everyone in the audience come tears.

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The dance, choose a number of Bindi"s various other routines transparent the season, was specialized to she late father, Steve Irwin. This time, however, that felt together if she dad in reality joined lock onstage.

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While most freestyle performances room show-stopping productions with massive sets and scores of backup dancers, Bindi and Derek decided to piece away every the unnecessary elements and focus the regimen on raw emotion.

Nothing was an ext emotional than at the conclusion of your number, when Bindi and also Derek go side-by-side end digitally-projected sand, when the footprints of she dad appeared between them as they progressed.

It to be a installation effect, given the track they provided was Leona Lewis" "Footprints in the Sand."

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The run concluded through a huge photo the a really young Bindi kissing her dad on the cheek, after i beg your pardon Bindi taken on her donate partner and also wept openly top top his shoulder. That was later revealed the Bindi had actually no idea the snapshot was going come be shown -- that was in reality arranged through Derek as a surprise.

Meanwhile, every other was crying, consisting of the judges, that were choked up. Even co-host Erin andrew couldn"t fight back the waterworks.

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The influence of the dance was made also greater due to Bindi and also Derek"s friendship, which to be presented in a pre-recorded package before their performance, whereby Bindi opened up around the pains she quiet feels over the loss of her dad and the role Derek has actually played in helping her heal.

"You deserve to see all the bruises on the outside," Bindi said, mirroring the many injuries she"s sustained throughout the long season, "and the inside of me is sort of the same."

"I never really talked around everything that i felt when dad happen away, and I never ever thought I"d revisit that," Bindi shared. "But to have Derek there to say, "It"s OK, I"m there because that you," was something that ns was so grateful for."

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Because of your friendship, and also Bindi"s dedication to maintaining her father"s legacy and memory alive, the 17-year-old nature conservationist claims she feels she dad"s support all the time.

"Sometimes throughout rehearsals it feels prefer there"s three people in the room," Bindi shared. "And I execute feel choose dad is still through me, every day." It to be this feeling that motivated the dance"s mind-blowing finale special Steve"s "spirit" walking with his daughter.

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The cheers to be cacophonous and the emotions to be raw as the judges gave their glowing, tearful feedback, and it was clear the Derek and also Bindi to be going to be getting 10s throughout the board.

It to be a night that perfect scores because that the duo, who also scored 30 points for your classy very first dance of the night.

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Check the end the video below to view Bindi and Derek"s first tearful performance dedicated to she late father previously this season.

Bindi Irwin's Emotional and also Tearful Tribute to late Father Steve ~ above 'DWTS'

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