If you walk to E Online, you have the right to see Bindi’s costume for tonight and also it is stunning!! below is an ext in information including their dance and also song for tonight. As well awesome!!

E! News has your exclusive first look at Bindi’s gorgeous costume during tonight’s show, i m sorry she will be wearing throughout her Tango with partner Derek Hough come AC/DC’s “You Shook Me every Night Long.”

And the black dress is totally fitting for the standard rock song, through a few rock n’ role tweaks, favor an unanticipated chain detail and also arm cuffs, included to the elegant look.

The theme of tonight’s episode is “Hometown Glory” night, and each couple will execute two new dance formats to songs the remind the celebrity and also pro dancer of the places that shaped that they space today. And also Bindi’s song choice, the iconic AC/DC tune, is one she danced to v her so late father, Steve Irwin, at Australia Zoo, aka she hometown, once she was younger.

More in ~ E Online.

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8 Responses come See Bindi Irwin’s Costume because that Dancing v The Stars mainly 2 And much more Details

Winnie In Cali says:
September 21, 2015 at 11:50 am

Yeah, Baby!!!! Something speak me Bindi & Derek room gonna be “shaking the ballroom every night long” tonight!!!! #TeamCrikey’s gonna be getting all my votes, ya all!!!!?????❤️?

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Suzy says:

I think this dance is walk to be legendary!! Bindi type of has actually the rocker thing going on once she’s attract a koala t-shirt. I think she is going to be blown far by just how this costume renders her feel. Plus, the memory of she dad the is always with her will certainly be amplified by her memories the dad dancing in ~ the zoo. And also because of the incredible connection she has with Derek i think it’s going come be very powerful. Can’t wait!!!!