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On Monday"s Dancing through the Stars, pan favorite Bindi Irwin was reunited with her pro companion Derek Hough after having swapped partners throughout last week"s episode and "Team Crikey" was ago with a hard challenge!

Bindi and also Derek had actually to pull turn off a rumba set to "(I"ve Had) the moment of mine Life," from the renowned finale in Dirty Dancing.

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That intended pulling off one huge move perfected by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey: their iconic Dirty Dancing lift!

There was just one trouble -- Derek had never done the renowned lift.

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"I"ve never done the background before," Derek admitted. "My run style growing up was as with speed and agility and also technique, and I was never ever a lifter. So it"s a little scary, I"m no going to lie."

In fact, Derek also said it to be the many scared he"d ever been, which appeared to problem Bindi a bit, however not enough to dissuade her from pulling off the lift.

To acquire ready, the partners called in part special assist -- Jennifer Grey, who played infant in the original Dirty Dancing! Jennifer"s advice? Pulling turn off the elevator is all about trust.

Bindi and Derek were likewise spotted rehearsing because that their large moment ~ above Friday.

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough Recreate 'Dirty Dancing'!

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WATCH: "DWTS" Stars Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough Recreate iconic "Dirty Dancing" Scene

So just how did the dance in reality go as soon as it came time to execute in front of the judges? It to be absolutely flawless. Bindi and Derek continued their streak together a powerhouse duo, with the lift executed beautifully.

As referee Julianne Hough claimed in her feedback, we were "all transported" earlier to that fateful talent display in 1987 as soon as Johnny and also Baby finally pulled it off.

The judges, including guest referee Olivia Newton John, appeared to think the dance to be pretty flawless together well, offered the perfect score they provided Bindi and Derek! 40 the end of 40 is constantly a pretty reward.

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This isn"t the first time Bindi and also Derek has overcame on the dance floor. Earlier this season Bindi carried the DWTS audience come tears through her emotional, heartfelt run honoring the memory of her late dad Steve Irwin.

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Check the end the video below to because that a look at Bindi"s moving tribute to she dad.

Bindi Irwin's Emotional and also Tearful Tribute to late Father Steve top top 'DWTS'

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