"A Clovis collector says he"s the owner of an 1878 tintype v the legendary outlaw Billy The child in it - playing croquet."On October 18, National geographical will waiting a 2 hour documentary top top the discovery and also scientifically "suggest" the identities the the people on the image. Therefore far, it has actually been suggested as,(From a corrected check out left come right)Doc ScurlockBig Jim FrenchPaulita MaxwellBilly BonneyTom O"FolliardSallie ChisumMaria Herrera (holding Doc Scurlock"s first born Josiah Scurlock, Jr.)Various children belonging come the Herrera familyAntonia Scurlock - Doc"s wife and Manuela Bowdre"s sister (standing alongside horse)Manuela BowdreCharlie BowdreWill Dunniway assisted authenticate the tintype.

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I"ll watch the show for number of reasons. One, I"m friends through Will Dunniway, the wetplate expert in the show. Two, I resided in NM and also have check out a most Billy the kid histories. I"ll do an educated decision after ~ I check out all the evidence. As all world should.
No relation. Though I resided in Las Cruces, NM and also Pat Garrett was killed in the arroyo throughout the roadway from my house.
There was a other on American Pickers freshly that had a photo of who he asserted to it is in Billy the Kid. Mike and also Frank had no interest in purchase it.
There room hundreds or thousands of firearms attributed to Bonnie and also Clyde, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, beat Garrett, Wild invoice Hickock too. But none ever before have any type of provenance. Let"s see what National geographic digs increase in their present on this tintype. They typically don"t play about like The background Channel"s farces, that at the end always say "we"ll never understand for sure...thanks because that wasting an hour of her time!" Nat Geo affiliates v true research and archeology, though I"m certain someone can lug up some missteps.

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According to what I witnessed on the news he discovered it in a currently closed antique store. Had actually it checked by a neighborhood "expert". Wonder why it hasn"t to be examined by the Smitsonian or Christies or another significant auction house?
Because it remained in a shoebox complete of other tintypes in a backwater antique store until recently. Neither the Smithsonian no one Christies are experts at west history, or photo forensics. Question: how are every the other people in the picture identified? due to the fact that if friend have more than one human in a picture that is ID"d, and they were recognized associates, the starts to tighten increase the instance strongly. Every the other Billy photos over the years, debunked, have actually been one individual. I don"t know where the OP gained his info IDing all the others, but I acknowledge at least two names that were child associates and friends. How do us verify any type of photo? A tintype that Edgar Alan Poe was recently found, for example. Acknowledgment of the face, and/or provenance.
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