LAS CRUCES — A tintype thought by countless to it is in an authentic photo of Billy the Kid and also his friend Dan Dedrick is featured ~ above “American Pickers” top top the history Channel, the tintype’s owner Joe Soebbing of las Cruces stated Wednesday.

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The display was slated for transfer at 7 p.m. Tonight (Aug. 5) and also again top top Aug. 12.

“They came to see me around six mainly ago. Castle were looking for sites and also a number human being of called them about me. Lock spent about 12 hours with me,” Soebbing said.

He claimed “pickers” Mike Wolfe and also Frank Fritz were “very impressed” through the tintype.

“I have no doubt the it’s authentic,” said Frank Parrish, the las Cruces photographer and historian that spurred investigate of the tintype.

When a 2013 ras Cruces Sun-News story around the tintype go viral, forensic detective Greg Bean, v the Bellevue Police room in Washington, made comprehensive studies of pictures from the tintype, compare them v the only image usually agreed to it is in Billy by historians: a tintype special Billy in his above outlaw pose, with his Colt revolver and also 1873 Winchester rifle.

“It’s conclusive. The forensic analysis has evidenced the identification of the two people in the tintype together Billy the Kid and his friend Dan Dedrick. The only thing providing a higher certainty would be a DNA match,” Parrish stated then.

The just previously confirmed tintype was offered to Billy by Dedrick and was owned by Dedrick’s descendants, the Upham family, until it was marketed at a 2011 auction for $2.3 million to Palm Beach, Florida, businessman wilhelm Koch.

The tintype Parrish and Bean examined and studied to be once part of the legacy of play Garrett, the sheriff that shot and killed Billy — additionally known as Henry McCarty or william H. Bonney — in 1881, Soebbing said.

“It’s the real deal. We keep getting more evidence,” stated Soebbing, who said the tintype to be a focal point for attention for the pickers.

“They toyed with the idea” of to buy the tintype, Soebbing said, yet price negotiation were not successful.

“They ended up spending around $6,000 with me. They carried some cowboy hats, an old cigarette machine, a roulette wheel and also gambling devises,” the said.

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