Q&A: Billy beam Cyrus on how Miley’s Advice resulted in ‘Achy Breaky 2’

“When she look at what I’ve done, she’ll go, ‘The old guy was listening,"” he tells Rolling Stone



“Miley said me recently that she to be thinking about my career, and also she said, ‘Dad, friend ought to carry out what ns do,"” Billy beam Cyrus speak Rolling stone from his southern California home. “She said, ‘When the people says go left, go right.’ and I thought about that. And also I don’t recognize if she thinks about it, but when she watch what I’ve done, she’ll go, ‘The old male was listening."”

Cyrus freshly revealed just how right he was willing to go with the video clip for “Achy Breaky 2,” his participation with rapper Buck 22. The monitor is a funny redux the “Achy Breaky Heart,” the ubiquitous optimal 10 hit off his 1992 album Some offered Allparodied by “Weird Al” Yankovic and also covered by the Chipmunks.

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But somehow he’s one-upped every one of those versions. In the clip because that the song, introduced War of the Worlds-style by Larry King, Cyrus is abducted on a spaceship v Buck 22 and also performs a new version of the chartbuster revamped with twerking aliens and also a “wrecking ball” shout out to his daughter.

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The nation star says that the Miley attitude is leading him to shot different things. He’s functioning on a brand-new album featuring unique collaborations, including the recently released solitary “Hope Is just Ahead” with Buck 22’s mom, Dionne Warwick. He’s also toying with a hook the Kiss’s Paul Stanley offered him, and he cut a song called “Can’t Play” with Billy Idol guitarist Billy Morrison. External of music, Cyrus says he is excited around a new acting role he’s welcomed in Sharknado 2(“I haven’t even signed the contract yet, however there’s already Oscar buzz. Ns didn’t even need to check out the script.”)

“That’s just exactly how crazy my life’s been,” he claims with a laugh. “I’ve simply been saying yes come the possibilities that deserve to happen. It’s really fun to run in this space right now.”Rolling Stone caught up with Cyrus to find out the origins of “Achy Breaky 2” and also where his new path will certainly take him.

How did “Achy Breaky 2” come about?The story starts with a tune I created the work after Columbine, “Hope Is just Ahead.” I created the song, then and also I just sat with it because that years. I never ever dreamed the Dionne Warwick would join me at Jamie Foxx’s studio in his mansion exterior by the swimming pool . She put her heart and soul right into this song favor it was she purpose.

Anyway, her kid Buck 22, who’s a really talented young man, comes into the studio and says, “Sir, would you be protest if ns took a shooting at record ‘Achy Breaky Heart’?” It just kind the happened. He had actually this track that I assumed was unique and cool the wasn’t copping the specific record. I took it to my southern rock, bluegrass sound that ns do and we just made our own sound.

What did girlfriend think that Buck’s lyrics? There’s one around Miley. ns was there when he come up through it. Everything happened in 24 hours. His mama sang on “Hope” at Jamie Foxx’s studio and also the next day, ns was so excited about it, I was in the studio mix it. While we were there, Damon come in v his computer and said, “I did what girlfriend asked me to, sir.” ns said, “Please, man, speak to me BRC.” He’s called me BRC ever since, and also everybody’s making such a big deal out of that calling me BRC. It’s therefore funny that it’s for this reason real.

He had actually just done every little thing I asked that to execute with his version, prefer slow it down. I drove to his house and also sang the chorus. He obtained inspired and wrote the verses right there. This was on the night the Miley to be on Barbara Walters’s “10 most Fascinating human being for 2013.” Buck 22 said, “We’ve got a TV in the studio.” i was to sing the command vocal ~ above “Achy” and also looking v the window at Miley, talking to Barbara Walters. In ~ the details point in the track where ns scream “wrecking ball,” ns was in reality screaming come everybody in the studio, pointing at the TV due to the fact that there is Miley swinging by on the ball. What’s the opportunity that my ass is behind the microphone 22 years later on singing the same song, having actually fun behind the microphone and also my daughter swings by top top Barbara Walters’s “Most Fascinating People”? What else would certainly I yell?

What go Miley think that the song? You know what? so many world have spent the last 7 years asking me around her. It’s her chance to price questions about me. This is she time <laughs>. Oh, mine gosh.I just hope the she obtained to check out the one doubter who wrote that the video made her performance at the VMAs look prefer Sesame Street.

How do you understand Larry King? on September 11th, the work America to be attacked, I was in Canada filming a TV present called Doc. When the borders were opened, before I ever before went earlier to Tennessee, I had actually been inquiry by the armed forces to beat “Some provided All” on CNN, because Larry King was finishing each night with a song. That’s when I met Larry King and also a very special bond. The world was an altering beneath our feet once I shook his hand and also sat down with my acoustic guitar and also played “Some gave All.” and that’s the start of what actually resulted in him in our video <laughs>. The means that that reads that item like The battle of the Worlds is brilliant.

What go the original song median to friend now, 22 years later? you know, something gained to me around the tune in 1991. I liked it so much I threw among my songs turn off the album and added it. Over there was just something around it. When I play it in the club, it just felt like a hit. Human being just pack the run floor. World do have to feel good. It made me feel great to pat it.

I sent the first edit of the Buck 22 version to Don Von Tress, the two-time Vietnam veteran that wrote the original, and he sent me earlier a reply immediately, “Go because that it, man. I love the feeling.” that made me feel really good. Ns can’t wait come play that on tour. We’re walk to execute the point we walk in ’92 and have civilization come out and also dance and also then we rock it.

Are girlfriend going to lug Buck 22 ~ above the road with you? Hell, yeah! We’re prefer one huge circus now. That’s count me and Buck and Dionne. We’re all under the very same tent. We have the right to travel by train —just like Barnum and also Bailey coming to city —we’ve got everything you need right there under one tent.

Have you to be pleased through the reaction come the song?All I’m trying to perform right currently is spread out the article of “Hope Is simply Ahead.” At an initial I was afraid, choose so plenty of of my songs, that it would certainly just get lost in the shadows that “Achy Breaky.” So every one of a sudden, I’ve come to this strange allude where i thought, ‘If you can’t to win ’em, join ’em.’

“Hope Is simply Ahead” is a message. It’s the most important song I’ve written due to the fact that “Some provided All” and also probably the classiest thing I’ve ever before done. However do i think everybody’s going to write about that and also talk about that? It’s there. But also I reconciled through <“Achy”> and it feel fun. That’s why I cut it the very first time. It felt fun.

“Achy Breaky 2” is charting an extremely high on YouTube appropriate now. That need to make you feeling good.

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Somebody sent out me a video saying it’s the Number One video on YouTube with four million access time in the last hour. Is the true? If it is Number One, just go ahead and announce mine retirement and tell her readers the I want to stop while i was front <laughs>. Tell them I’ve unable to do to Tennessee to cut hay v Justin Bieber. I’d execute it, man. Ns think he’s walking to prefer it , too. That can obtain in there and also fly with them eight twerkin’ extraterrestrial chicks, man. Hey, we deserve to throw part eggs on the thing, and it would simply zip off right into outer space. I much better end the interview before I walk to jail.