Billy Joel's daughter Alexa beam Joel has unveiled her new single, and it's clear the talent operation in the family.

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35-year-old Alexa ray Joel - daughter of singer Billy Joel and also his version ex-wife Christie Brinkley - has actually released her new song 'Seven Years', and it's a gorgeous piano ballad.

Alexa performed the track on united state television earlier this week, and also it's supposed to be component of a new album to it is in released later this year.

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The song is motivated by she fiancé Ryan Gleason, and celebrates the highs and also lows the come indigenous a permanent relationship.

Watch the video clip for the new song below:

"Musical theatre is my earliest true love since childhood," she called Billboard the the song. "I was introduced to that from a very young age, together my parents have always been substantial fans of Broadway.

“I think your affection for theatre to be only further cemented through the fact that for your very very first date they go to watch Little Shop the Horrors top top Broadway.

"I to be lucky sufficient to see both the American and also British productions of Les Misérables as soon as I was five years old. I grew up through Carousel, West next Story, My same Lady, and also all the classics. That was simply an everyday thing.”

She continued: “My mother would dress me up as Liesl Von Trapp native The Sound of Music or some various other theatrical favorite and she’d film me singing, in character, if my dad accompanied me ~ above piano."

Billy Joel performs through his daughter Alexa ray in 2018. Picture: Getty

Alexa added that an album is comes soon: “I’ve gained a ton of material in the works. I’d like nothing more than to go earlier to the record studio - mine ‘home away from home."

The singer has released number of songs and EPs over the years, however has however to release a full studio album.

Billy Joel break-up from his second wife Brinkley in 1994. Alexa Ray's center name come from Billy's friendship v singer beam Charles.

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Her dad has since married two an ext times, and has two young children with 4th wife Alexis Roderick: Della Rose and also Remy Anne.





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