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"Lullabye (Goodnight, mine Angel)" is the seventh track and also fourth solitary from Billy Joel"s 1993 album flow of Dreams. It was motivated by Alexa ray Joel, his daughter by Christie Brinkley. The song is in the key of G major. The tune was initially written together a prelude come the track "The river of Dreams" in the format of a monophonic Gregorian chant. Joel had actually written English words in the hymn describing a man who had actually lost his faith, and had then had actually the words analyzed into Latin. He adjusted his mind upon hear the recording, and also incorporated it into the tune "River that Dreams". He later on removed the interlude from the last studio version of "River that Dreams", and instead composed znjke.com come the melody the reflected his sentiment towards Alexa Ray, who was a young kid at the moment of writing. The variation of "River the Dreams" combine "Lullaby" showed up as an alternate version ~ above the box collection My Lives, and also on An evening of Questions and Answers... And A little Music. In 2004, it to be announced that Joel had agreed to write 2 children"s books for Scholastic, the U. S. Publisher. The an initial book was title Goodnight, My angel (A Lullaby) and also is a snapshot book based upon the song and also illustrated through Yvonne Gilbert. "Reassuring children that they space not alone or can be abandoned is really important for your well-being," Joel stated in a explain in 2004. The 2nd book was titled brand-new York State of Mind and also illustrated by Izak.more »

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Goodnight my angel, time to close her eyesAnd save these inquiries for an additional dayI think I know what you"ve been asking meI think you understand what I"ve been trying to sayI promised i would never ever leave youThen girlfriend should always knowWherever you might go, no matter where you areI never ever will be much awayGoodnight mine angel, currently it"s time come sleepAnd still so countless things I desire to sayRemember all the songs you sang for meWhen we went sailing on one emerald bayAnd like a watercraft out ~ above the oceanI"m rocking you come sleepThe water"s dark and deep, within this old heartYou"ll always be a component of meGoodnight mine angel, currently it"s time to dreamAnd dream just how wonderful her life will certainly beSomeday your child may cry, and also if you sing this lullabyThen in your heart over there will constantly be a component of meSomeday we"ll every be goneBut lullabies walk on and also onThey never ever dieThat"s exactly how you and I will be

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Billy Joel william Martin "Billy" Joel (born might 9, 1949) is an American pianist, singer-songwriter, and also composer. Since releasing his very first hit song, "Piano Man," in 1973, Joel has end up being the 6th best-selling record artist and also the 3rd best-selling solo artist in the joined States, follow to the RIAA. He additionally has the 3rd best-selling album in the United states with his greatest Hits Vol.

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