Billy Dee Williams that played Lando Calrissian in The empire Strikes ago is unsure if he’ll reprise the function in Star Wars: episode 8.

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Billy Dee Williams was freshly interviewed by netherlands website StarWarsAwakens (via StarWarsNews). Sadly, he’s not really sure if Lando Calrissian will certainly star Star Wars: episode 8 yet as he has actually not been contacted around the role. He additionally commented why his character didn’t show up in Star wars 7: The pressure Awakens.

He said:I execute not understand the reason. Ns think the personality of Lando simply didn’t fit right into the story line. I observed the movie and also loved it and also can watch why Lando wasn’t in it. If castle asked me to come back for episode VIII I would love to execute it however right currently I have actually not been asked and I do not know their plans.”

There to be a rumor a couple of months back that Lando Calrissian would be featured in Star Wars: episode 8. Uneven of food Billy Dee Williams has actually been available a role, and is not enabled to talk about it yet.

Filming for the following movie walk not start until 2016. Hope he it s okay a function in the film as Lando Calrissian has always been popular among fans.

- This post was updated on march 8th, 2018

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