For its final installment (at least for now) "Star Wars" is including a touch that its original Blackness by bringing earlier a beloved character from its original trilogy

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Billy Dee Williams together Lando Calrissian in a step from “Star Wars: episode IX.” (Lucasfilm Ltd. Via AP)

Die hard Star battles fans got a treat on Friday, as soon as the trailer for Star Wars: episode IX — now officially titled The climb of Skywalker confirmed the return of Billy Dee Williams in his iconic duty as Lando Calrissian ~ 36 years.

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According come Hollywood Reporter, after months of speculation during the Star wars Celebration in Chicago, emcee Stephan Colbert, Lucasfilm head catalen Kennedy and also filmmaker J.J. Abrams took the stage to unveil the very first teaser trailer because that the very anticipated flick.

Williams has been a commemorated actor for decades but the function of Calrissian is by far his many well known. For this reason it’s no surprised that the relished returning to it.

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“How walk I find Lando again? Lando never ever left me,” Williams answered during an appearance in ~ the event, as soon as Colbert request him exactly how he got back into character.

Williams, 82, was on phase with co-stars consisting of John Boyega, Naomi Ackie, Kelly Marie Tran, Oscar Issac, Daisy Ridley and Anthony Daniels.

He likewise admits the over the last couple of decades year he’s shed count of how many time’s he’s concerned the defense the his character, who he believes is misunderstood.

“I have to describe this stuff to world I don’t recognize why. I acquire sick and also tired of gift accused that betraying Han Solo,” that playfully lamented. It to be a referral to a transaction Calrissian make in 1980s The empire Strikes Back the left his buddy, Solo (Harrison Ford) in the hands of his enemies.

“All that a suddenly it’s prefer I’m talking around me, not Lando Calrissian,” he joked. “But he was up versus Darth Vader he had to figure out something. Besides, did anybody die? I had actually to figure out a way to protect against the complete demise that my friend and every one of his friends.”

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In the two-minute teaser trailer, Williams is just seen for a second, laughing as he pilots the Millennium Falcon through co-pilot Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo). That is additionally apparently wearing the exact same costume together the one worn by Donald Glover once he played a younger version of the personality in 2017’s Solo: A Star wars Story.

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“This movie, in addition to being the finish of three trilogies, it additionally has to work as its own movie,” claimed Abrams who is directing the film. “It’s around this brand-new generation and also what they’ve inherited the light and also the dark, and also asking the inquiry as they face the biggest evil, are they prepared? room they ready?”

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In enhancement to Williams, the so late Carrie Fisher will also reprise her role as Leia, with Abrams using unused footage they shoot of her throughout 2015’s The force Awakens.

When asked just how they to fill the void left by the Fisher’s 2016 death, Abrams responded, “We couldn’t.”

“You don’t recast that component and girlfriend don’t suddenly have actually her disappear,” he said if the conundrum they found themselves in. “The weird miracle of having actually a number of scenes native Force Awakens that had gained unused, looking in ~ those scenes and starting to know that there was in reality a way to use those scenes and continue she story, so that it would certainly be her.”

“Every work it hits me the she’s no here,” said Abrams. “It’s therefore surreal since we are working with her still, if that makes sense. She’s in scenes. She’s alive in scenes.”