NBC News" Billy shrub in conversation v Jeff Rossen because that SiriusXM"s TODAY show Radio at SiriusXM Studios on august 22, 2016 in brand-new York City. (Craig Barritt / Getty Images)

The "Today" show had no an option on Monday morning — it had actually to address the suspension the Billy Bush, the show"s 9 a.m. Co-anchor.

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on Friday, the Washington write-up published a 2005 video of Donald trump card making exceptionally lewd comments around women, every while ~ above a bus with shrub to movie a segment on "Access Hollywood," where bush was a co-host in ~ the time. Bush, who can be heard laughing and also joking with Trump throughout the exchange, faced massive criticism from viewers.

shrub released an apology Friday, speak he to be "embarrassed and ashamed," noting, "It"s no excuse, yet this taken place 11 years earlier — ns was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in play along." Rumors flew end the weekend around Bush"s "Today" show status; several publications report he would show up on air Monday morning and attend to the occurrence on "Access Hollywood," a syndicated entertainment regimen owned through NBC Universal. Yet on Sunday night, NBC News evidenced that shrub was unlimited suspended indigenous the program.

throughout the 9 a.m. ET hour, which shrub has co-anchored since August, co-anchors Al Roker and also Tamron hall addressed the matter pretty quickly.

"As you deserve to see, Billy bush is no joining united state today, together you"re more than likely aware, part of the 2005 "Access Hollywood" taping v Donald trumped that"s been in the news every weekend," Roker said.

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"NBC, which own "Access Hollywood," has suspended Billy for his duty in that conversation pending more review," room continued. "That said, let"s turn to critical night"s debate, wherein that 2005 tape played a large role."

castle segued into footage that the debate, wherein Trump detailed his apology for the language on the tape and also called it "locker room talk."

The ice cream raised numerous questions about why NBC had actually not exit the footage; apparently, "Access Hollywood" (overseen through the entertain division, together opposed to NBC News) had uncovered the tape last Monday and the network was waiting for lawyers to offer the go-ahead.

earlier on "Today," together the present started in ~ 7 a.m., viewers were instantly greeted to a rapid scene indigenous the video clip of Bush and also Trump acquiring off the bus, together co-anchor Savannah Guthrie"s voiceover recapped the events of the weekend. Guthrie and also Lester Holt (in for Matt Lauer) kicked off with talk that the debate, as NBC reporter Hallie Jackson referred to as it the "vulgar audio that"s thrown (Trump"s) project into crisis." She climate clarified that the audio was "part that a 2005 conversation through Billy shrub during one "Access Hollywood" taping, a program developed by NBC Universal."

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The show aired short footage the the bus video, where viewers can hear trump card talking around how he likes to immediately start kissing beautiful women: "When you"re a star, they allow you execute it. You have the right to do everything," while bush laughs and also adds, "Whatever girlfriend want." "Grab them by the p---y," Trump then says.

Guthrie also listed that shrub was rely and added that "Access Hollywood" is created by NBC News"s parent company, NBC Universal. The video clip with clip of Trump and Bush come up a couple more times throughout the previously hours the "Today," through reporter Andrea Mitchell saying the Trump was defiant about that "bombshell "Access Hollywood" ice bragging about his sexual conquests."

In May, NBC announced that bush would join "Today" as a co-anchor, and in what CNN media reporter Brian Stelter call "a multi-million-dollar bet on Bush," moved him native "Access Hollywood" in Los Angeles come "Today" in brand-new York. Shrub was currently a polarizing figure on the display after one of his first weeks top top the job, as soon as he got into one on-air, heated controversy with Roker over whether embattled swimmer Ryan Lochte lied around his alleged robbery in ~ the Summer Olympics in Rio.

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top top Monday morning, Stelter report that number of "Today" staffers aren"t optimistic about Bush returning to NBC"s morning airwaves. "He will never be top top the present again," one source told Stelter.


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