WASHINGTON – ~ above Tuesday morning, billionaire and also activist Tom Steyer came to be the most recent Democrat to sign up with the gyeongju for president. 

In a video clip posted top top YouTube, Steyer suggested that his project would aim to obtain money out of politics and resolve the impact of climate change. 

"Almost every major single intractable problem, in ~ the back of it, you see a huge money interest for whom stopping progress, protecting against justice is really necessary to their bottom line," he said. 

Acknowledging his wealth, i m sorry Forbes approximates at $1.6 billion, Steyer said in the video that he had signed the offering Pledge, a "promise to give away fifty percent of your wealth while you"re lively to an excellent causes." 

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"Corporate money has corrupted our democracy and also stripped americans of our capability to identify our own future,” Steyer claimed in a release. “The only method for us to fix the urgent difficulties facing our country is to ease the stranglehold the corporations have over our politicians and return political strength to the American people.”

Steyer recently obtained national importance at the helm of for free advocacy groups such as Need to Impeach, i beg your pardon organizes grassroots efforts to impeach president Donald Trump and claims come have an email list of an ext than 8.2 million Americans. That leads NextGen America, a climate-oriented advocacy group. 

In January, he claimed he would certainly not be joining the presidential race, speak he would rather be "strengthening my commitment to must Impeach."

Republican national Committee spokesman Steve Guest responded to Steyer"s announcement: "After a false start, left-wing extremist Tom Steyer has ultimately formalized his self-promotion tourism under the guise that a presidential campaign. The only thing Steyer’s campaign will do is light more of his money on fire as he join the rest of the 2020 Democrat ar in pushing policies that are means outside the mainstream."


Steyer is one of 24 Democrats in the race, and he beginning the gyeongju late, after ~ the an initial Democratic presidential debate. The next autonomous presidential debate is July 30 and July 31 in Detroit.

On Monday afternoon, Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., dropped out of the presidential race, saying he would rather run because that re-election to the House. 

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