Post Malone poses backstage at the 2020 Music Awards, broadcast on Oct. 14, 2020 in ~ the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

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Billie Eilish"s debut arsenal won top 200 album, nine months after it winner the Grammy for album that the year.

Post Malonewas the large winner at the 2020 Music Awards, which to be presented Wednesday (Oct. 14). He won nine awards, including artist of the year.

Khalid to be the year second-biggest winner, with 5 awards, followed by Lil Nas X and Billy ray Cyrus, who won four awards every on the stamin of their record-setting collab “Old Town road (Remix)," and also Kanye West, who won 4 awards in the Christian and also gospel fields.

This year’s display was originally scheduled for April 29 but was delayed due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kelly Clarksonhosted the show for the third year in a row.

Billie Eilish: The teen phenom’s When us All fall Asleep, Where perform We Go? won optimal 200 album, practically nine months after it won the Grammy for album that the year. The the fourth album in the past 10 year to receive both of these awards, following Adele’s 21 and 25 and Taylor Swift’s 1989. Eilish also won peak female artist, beating critical year’s winner, Ariana Grande, and also three-time classification champ Swift. Eilish also took top new artist. She the very first female artist to success in this category since Lorde in 2014.

Luke Combs:The 30-year old nation star winner top country artist because that the second year in a row, coming to be the very first artist to win back-to-back awards in this category because the show’s relaunch in 2011. Swift and Luke Bryan every won 2 awards in the category, however not consecutively. Combs also won top country album because that the second year in a row. He winner this year for What You check out Is What girlfriend Get. He took the prize critical year for This One’s for You.

BTS:The K-pop sensations won the fan-voted peak social artist award because that the 4th year in a row. Justin Bieberwon the six years prior to that.

Panic! in ~ the Disco: The group won optimal rock song for the second year in a row. “Hey watch Ma, i Made It” won this year. “High Hopes” took the award last year. Panic! is an initial act come win height rock tune twice because the show’s relaunch.

Kanye West: The controversial star won because that both top gospel album and top Christian album because that Jesus Is King. West is the very first artist to success in both categories. West swept all 3 awards in the gospel field—top artist, top album and also top track (“Follow God”).

Khalid: The R&B star swept all 3 awards in the R&B field—top artist, top album (Free Spirit) and also top song (“Talk”). He and also West to be the only artists to manage a clean move of the awards in their corresponding genres.

Tool: The band’s Fear Inoculum won as height rock album. That the second hard-rock album to victory in that category since the show’s relaunch. It follows Metallica’s Hardwired….to Self-Destruct, the 2017 winner. Both albums reached No. 1 top top the 200.

Justin Bieber: The functional star won top country song for “10,000 Hours,” his collab with Dan + Shay. Three years ago, Bieber winner top warm 100 song for a an extremely different collab, “Despacito,” which he taped with louis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

The Chainsmokers: The duo won a record fourth consecutive compensation for optimal dance/electronic artist.

Cardi B: The rapper won peak rap woman artist because that the 3rd year in a row, beating the red-hot Megan Thee Stallion. Interestingly, the third nominee in the classification was a duo, City Girls.

Bad Bunny: The Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and also songwriter won optimal Latin artist because that the very first time. That beat Romeo Santos and also Ozuna, both the whom room two-time winners in the category.

Lauren Daigle:The singer/songwriter ended up being the an initial three-time winner for height Christian artist because the display resumed in 2011. She had actually been tied v Chris Tomlin and Hillsong United v two wins every in the category.

P!nk: The veteran performer won optimal touring artist. She is the fourth female artist to success in the category because the show’s relaunch, complying with Madonna (2013), Swift (2016) and also Beyoncé (2017).

George Strait: The country legend winner top nation tour. Strait, 68, is this year’s oldest BBMA winner—which is a real success in a youth-oriented business.

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