Some Beyoncé fans accused Swift of social appropriation and also being a copycat after she performance attracted comparisons come Beyoncé's 2018 Coachella festival set.

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Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in ~ MGM grand Garden Arena on might 1, 2019 in las Vegas.Ethan müller / Getty Images
Taylor Swift is drumming up controversy.

The popular music star"s power Wednesday night at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, in i m sorry she included a marching band, has attracted comparisons to Beyoncé"s 2018 Coachella festival collection — and also led some social media individuals to accuse her of social appropriation and being a copycat.

Swift opened a debut power of her new single "Me!" v a marching band dressed in pink. She then appeared on stage, highlight a pose.

taylorswift13 kicking off tonight"s #BBMAs display with a BANG! ☂️

— Billboard Music Awards (

Both women have a loyal legion the fans, known as the Beyhive and Swifties, respectively, who went on the attack on society media.

Fans that Beyoncé, that did not attend the Billboard Music Awards in ras Vegas, were rapid to speculate whether Swift ripped off her April 2018 Coachella set, in i m sorry the R&B megastar changed the stage into a "Homecoming" celebration. Beyoncé to be the first black mrs to headline the festival.

Beyoncé, in tradition with the culture and pride of historically black color colleges and also universities, or HBCUs, to be accompanied by uniformed marching drummers, majorette dancers, steppers and other performers. The nearly two-hour power was the topic of a Netflix documentary, "Homecoming," that debuted critical month.

In the documentary, Beyoncé describes where she obtained inspiration because that her present at Coachella.

"When I chose to carry out Coachella, rather of me pulling the end my flower crown, the was much more important that I lugged our culture to Coachella," she said, referring to black color American culture, including HBCUs.

"I always dreamed that going come an HBCU," Beyoncé said. "My college was Destiny"s Child. Mine college to be traveling around the world, and life was my teacher."


See the very first trailer for Beyonce's 'Homecoming' documentary top top Netflix

April 9, 201901:28

Wanna Thompson, a freelance writer and also hip-hop critic in Toronto, claimed the resemblance in between Swift and Beyoncé"s performances was no coincidence.

"Stop being daft through this Beyoncé/Taylor drumline thing. Yes, artists have actually incorporated marching bands/drumlines in performances before but time is everything. The world has to be BUZZING because #Homecoming. This ain"t no coincidence," she composed on Twitter.

Swift"s performance inspired the hashtag, #Mayochella, a play on Beychella, which Beyoncé"s Coachella performance was nicknamed.

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Some social media users and fans of both women provided that they are both successful, and said that human being should not compare the artists.

I can’t think that twitter has gained to the suggest where civilization are comparing Beyoncé and Taylor’s north lines.. So Taylor offered drums, too many of people do huge whoop.. Ns love Bey however this really isn’t THAT big of a deal

— A