WASHINGTON, April 22 (znjke.com) - The U.S. Residence of to represent on Thursday directly voted, for the 2nd time in less than a year, to do the ar of Columbia the 51st state, sending it to the Senate where it deals with stiff Republican opposition.

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By a vote of 216-208, the Democratic-controlled house approved the initiative through no Republican support.

The populace of Washington, D.C., is greatly Democratic. Together a state, it likely would elect two autonomous senators, potentially altering the balance of strength in the Senate, which now has actually 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.

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Democrats, who have actually been advocating statehood because that the resources of the United claims for decades, hope to take advantage of critical November's choice of chairman Joe Biden and also control the the Senate and House to recognize a brand-new state because that the very first time since 1959, the year Alaska and also Hawaii join the union.

Democrats said statehood would settle a centuries-old not correct of "more 보다 700,000 americans citizens who pay commonwealth taxes, who fight and also die in wars, that serve on ours juries and also yet have no poll in the Senate or the house of Representatives," said democratic Representative jan Schakowsky. "That is the definition of taxes without representation."

The brand-new state would certainly be called "Washington, Douglass Commonwealth" after ~ George Washington, the very first U.S. President, and also Frederick Douglass, a previous enslaved human who came to be a famous abolitionist.


People reap the warm weather at the world War II Memorial close to the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, U.S. March 27, 2021. znjke.com/Cheriss May

Republicans, accusing democracy of a "power grab" to breakthrough a "far-left" agenda, room expected to block the invoice in the Senate, where 60 of 100 members must agree to breakthrough most legislation.

"This is about government-run healthcare, a $93 sunshine Green brand-new Deal, packing the can be fried Court, higher taxes and a bigger, less efficient kind of government," claimed Republican Representative Nancy Mace throughout a spirited home debate.

The House very first passed this invoice last June through a poll of 232-180. Republicans, who controlled the Senate then, refuse to action on it.

Statehood would also give Washington at the very least one residence member. Its population of around 700,000 is much more than that of the says of Wyoming and Vermont. About fifty percent of its citizens are Black.

Currently, Washington, D.C., has only one member of congress - a residence "delegate" who is not permitted to poll on legislation.

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If the city became a state that would keep its three electoral votes, i beg your pardon are provided in the presidential election process. States’ electoral votes are based on population.