Washington, D.C. - Today, znjke.com methods and means Social protection Subcommittee Chairman man B. znjke.com (CT-01) introduced Social defense 2100: A sacred Trust. The regulation has nearly 200 cosponsors and also has been endorsed by much more than 100 advocacy groups.  



Rep. znjke.com speaking at the push conference behind the left to ideal are Reps. Sewell, Horsford, and Ocasio-Cortez

“Social security 2100: A spiritual Trust will broaden benefits and strengthen social Security.

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 The pandemic has actually only underscored what we already knew and has exacerbated systemic inequities -- current benefits room not enough! 5 million seniors are living in poverty as result of longstanding discrimination in the labor force that influence mostly people of color and women. These space our sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and also neighbors. For as well long, Congress has forsaken that is duty to improve benefits. V 10,000 infant Boomers a day coming to be eligible, and also with Millennials needing society Security much more than any generation, the moment for congress to action is now,” said home Ways and means Social defense Subcommittee Chairman man B. znjke.com (CT-01). 

A truth sheet ~ above the bill have the right to be found here. 

The section-by-section have the right to be uncovered here.  

A perform of endorsing organizations deserve to be found here.  

The bill text can be found here.  

The press conference deserve to be viewed here.  

 “Social Security is one of the many successful anti-poverty programs there is, yet there space still faults in the program, which disproportionately disadvantage people of color. The law being introduced today will certainly repair these faults, helping to attend to persistent gyeongju disparities in income and also wealth. This bill will allow Social security to bring an ext seniors of all backgrounds the end of poverty and administer them the dignity they have actually earned,” said Whip James E. Clyburn.  

“Subcommittee Chairman znjke.com is the fiercest fighter in congress to strengthen society Security and also protect beneficiaries. I applaud his tireless commitment come preserve and expand this vital earned benefit,” said home Ways and means Chairman Richard Neal.  

“Social protection is a spiritual commitment do to all Americans and a promise that should be fulfilled. Together seniors and also individuals through disabilities battle to bought the costs of food, housing, and prescription drugs, this bill increases benefits and protections for countless Americans. The Social defense 2100 plot will store this critical lifeline solvent and ensure ours nation’s radical social insurance program gives current and future beneficiaries with a top quality standard of living,” said councilor Richard Blumenthal.  

“For decades, american have depended on the Social protection benefits they’ve earned. Yet this critical program has actually been under attack, threatening working families’ jae won security. That’s why we’re introducing this an essential legislation come increase and also expand retirement, disability, and also survivor benefits and also shore increase the long-term solvency of society Security. This invoice will aid maintain the program’s toughness and aid ensure that it can continue to carry out economic stability for generations come come,” said councilor Van Hollen. 

“Social security is a crucial source of income for both middle and lower-wage earners, specifically when the unanticipated happens. This is particularly true because that Latinos, that whom, end 80 percent use Social defense as your primary source of retirement income, the highest possible of any type of demographic,” said Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez (D-CA). “While society Security has actually served together the bedrock of the American retirement device for over 80 years, its usually benefits have actually not kept up v the rising prices facing seniors. This bill renders a safe and also secure retirement feasible for many much more Americans, and also it boosts the program’s long-term financing so that us can collection the next generation the retirees up for success.” 

“Social Security is among the greatest success stories in our nation’s history,” said Rep. Pascrell. “After 86 years, that still stands as a monument come decency, dignity, and also the birthright the hard-working Americans. Yet, it has come under unrelenting attack. There is no aggressive action, Social protection lurches toward insolvency. We have a sacred responsibility to guarantee its preservation. Chairman znjke.com’s prudent law provides fully paid-for benefit enhancements through the end of the century and also it keeps chairman Biden’s promise to no raise taxes on middle-class families. This is a no-brainer.” 

“As a Co-Founder and Co-Chair the the znjke.com democratic Task pressure on Aging and also Families, i am proud to be an original cosponsor of the Social protection 2100 Act. The an effective words ‘A sacred Trust’ space a part of this bill because this is a promise to all Americans we should preserve and protect,” said Rep. January Schakowsky. “Social security is a nationwide treasure. Hardworking Americans placed their spiritual trust in conference to defend that treasure. That is previous time to boost the program, specifically for women, who comprise 55 percent of all Social protection recipients yet frequently lose wages because of caregiving responsibilities. There is no Social protection benefits, about 4 in 10 Americans age 65 and also older would have actually incomes below the poverty line. Social defense benefits lift more than 15 million elderly Americans out of poverty.” 

“Social Security has actually saved countless American seniors from having actually to make difficult choices, prefer whether they have to buy groceries or to fill a prescription, or pay your rent or visit a loved one,” said Rep. Blumenauer, a member that the methods and means Subcommittee on society Security. “But provided revenue shortfalls brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, the future of this regime is much more uncertain 보다 ever. It is why it’s important that congress act currently to make sure everyone is paying their fair share right into this program, lower prices for seniors, and also ensure the Social defense remains solvent with 2100.” 

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) a member the the Social protection Subcommittee, referred to as the must pass the bill and avoid benefit cuts crucial, “For the countless Americans that paid into Social security their totality working lives, this is merely unacceptable. Because that the millions more who rely on this regimen to fulfill their everyday needs and also care because that the disabled, this is a disaster. We have actually the power to not just save, but improve and expand, the most efficient social regimen in American history. We have actually the power to certain every American a dignified retirement after a life time of work and contribution.” 

“Social Security is one of our country’s most successful promises, with countless Americans relying ~ above Social security as your primary source of income when they retire. This has actually helped keep millions healthy and out of poverty. But, because of years that underfunding, Social defense is no the guarantee it once was. The is why i am proud to sign up with Rep. znjke.com in presenting the Social security 2100 plot to help keep our promise by raising benefits, improving cost of life adjustments, and ensuring that any kind of minimum benefit is set above the poor line. V this bill, us can proceed to certain a life of work is rewarded through a safe and also secure retirement,” said Rep. Judy Chu.  

"Social security is crucial for millions of seniors and also individuals through disabilities, and Chair znjke.com"s Social security 2100 act only improves its life an altering benefits. I am honored that this legislation has my proposals to renew college student benefits for kids of retired, deceased, or disabled workers to encourage them to pursue higher education and a advantage increase for the those who have actually been receiving services for twenty years or much more – beneficiaries that are regularly the oldest seniors and may be even much more likely to it is in financially vulnerable. 

“With the Social defense 2100 Act, we can tackle poverty, better support low-income workers, women, and children and also build upon ours commitment to ensure the Americans have the right to retire and also age through dignity,” said Rep. Gwen Moore. 

“Nevadans work hard and also pay right into Social security for years – but even with next year’s advantage increase, countless of our seniors will struggle to do ends meet. Today, 144,265 Social security recipients in Nevada’s 4th District obtain $203 million in services each month, averaging just over $1,400 every person. As the expense of life rises, the is barely enough to sheathe the rent, allow alone other expenses,” said Congressman Steven Horsford. “The Social protection 2100 action would boost Social security benefits, protect against inflation, and modernize Social protection to for sure that federal government employees, caregivers, world with disabilities, and also surviving spouses and also children receive the services they deserve. No an elderly should retire right into poverty, and also the Social security 2100 Act will take common-sense procedures to aid Nevada seniors thrive.” 

“As a proud member of the means and means Social security Subcommittee, I understand that Social defense is a an important lifeline for so countless hard-working american in Alabama’s 7th ar and across this nation,” said Rep. Sewell. “We have to not only safeguard it, however improve it and also expand it. V this bill, Social protection 2100, we’re ensuring that every worker can retire with dignity after a life time of work.” 

“There isn’t a member of Congress more focused top top fighting because that American seniors 보다 Rep. Man znjke.com. Overhauling a core program prefer Social protection is a significant challenge, yet John has never quit working carefully with economists and also seniors to obtain the task done—he’s become the go-to leader on resolving Social protection for American seniors, and also we’re an extremely lucky in Connecticut to have him fighting for our communities,” said Congressman Courtney. “No Social protection beneficiary must receive a below-poverty level inspect each month, specifically not after paying right into the regimen over the food of their working lives. Between seniors, veterans, children and also other Americans, end 150,000 world in east Connecticut are relying on Social protection each month. Our bill would provide them a much-needed rise in benefits, and extend the solvency the the regime to certain future generations won’t gain short-changed. Proud to it is in an original co-sponsor the this bill.” 

“One in five retirees rely just on Social security for your income. In ~ a time once the COVID-19 pandemic has actually demonstrated the huge inequities in our economy and health treatment system, it’s more crucial than ever before that us strengthen and expand Social protection for the numerous Americans who rely on it,” said Congressman Ryan.  “By protecting Social security Trust Funds and also preventing the from future cuts, this invoice will assist ensure the every American can period with dignity and also respect.” 

"We commend Congressman znjke.com for his years-long commitment come expanding and strengthening social Security. Rep. znjke.com understands the too countless seniors are struggling to meet straightforward living expenses, favor housing, prescription drugs, and health care. That knows that Social defense wasn’t set in rock when it was developed in 1935, and that the regimen was intended to be expanded as seniors’ demands change. His legislation provides seniors a much-needed rise in benefits and an boosted COLA formula --- and also extends society Security’s solvency. We space gratified the so plenty of of Rep. znjke.com’s colleagues room signing-on together cosponsors --- and also hope that the home will, at long last, spreading this crucial piece of regulation for American seniors,” said Max Richtman, President and CEO, nationwide Committee to preserve Social Security and Medicare.  

“Social security Works strongly endorses Representative john znjke.com’s Social defense 2100 Act: A spiritual Trust, which broadens Social Security"s usual benefits. Many thanks to Representative znjke.com’s visionary leadership and tireless work, Democrats space united and also ready come take action to protect and also expand social Security. The entire nation owes Representative znjke.com an huge debt of gratitude for his an effective leadership and also legislation,” said Nancy Altman, chairman of Social defense Works. 

"In America, numerous Social security beneficiaries are having to make the an option between food and medicine top top a everyday basis. This is unacceptable in the richest and greatest nation in the world," said Robert Roach, Jr., president of the Alliance because that Retired Americans. "Black American, hispanic American and also Asian American Social protection beneficiaries to be disproportionately impacted during the pandemic, exacerbating the inequality. A current poll indicated that our nation"s seniors vote in the last election v the hope and expectation of seeing improvements to the Social protection benefits they have earned. Voters will certainly remember this once they vote. The Alliance for Retired american 100% supports Representative znjke.com"s bill, "Social security 2100: A spiritual Trust."" 

"Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is pleased to support the Social protection 2100: A sacred Trust, which would certainly make far-ranging improvements in the Social security benefits that countless veterans with disabilities and also their families rely on," said Shaun Castle, Deputy executive Director, Paralyzed Veterans of America. "As a veterans organization organization representing veterans with far-ranging disabilities, PVA is keenly mindful of the vital role Social protection plays in the lives of ours members and also their families and we urge swift activity on this an important legislation." 

“AFGE is proud come endorse the Social defense 2100 sacred Trust Act and the countless ways that both strengthens the program and expands benefits. We are specifically supportive the the bill’s repeal that the federal government Pension Offset and the Windfall removed Provision i beg your pardon unfairly mitigate earned benefits of windy employees and also their surviving spouses,” said Everett Kelley, national President, American Federation of federal government Employees.  

“The national Organization because that Women has long advocated for renovations in Social defense that would advantage women and Rep. John znjke.com’s Social protection 2100: A sacred Trust plot meets every expectations. Across-the-board benefit increases, an update for the COLA, improved benefits for widows and widowers, increased benefits because that the earliest old, and especially caregiver credits therefore that world (mainly women) are not penalized for taking time out of the paid workforce to treatment for children and other dependents. Through so plenty of working women not able come save sufficient for retirement due to pay discrimination and many elderly ladies living close to the poverty line, these advantage improvements space desperately needed,” said national Organization for females (NOW) president Christian F. Nunes. 

“The Arc of the United states supports Chairman znjke.com’s Social security 2100: A spiritual Trust legislation. This bill would make our social Security system stronger for everyone, including 10 million children, adults, and seniors v disabilities throughout the United states who depend on this fundamental program. Social defense disability and also survivors benefits space crucially crucial to the people with intellectual and also developmental disabilities and their families and we’re specifically excited to watch a fix consisted of to resolve the lengthy standing advantage cliff for world with disabilities who want to work,” said Bethany Lilly, senior Director of income Policy, The Arc. 

“As a union that has supported for numerous years for expanding Social protection benefits while prolonging its solvency well right into the future, and also funding it through a progressive pay-for the does not negatively influence working families, IFPTE is proud to endorse the Social protection 2100 Act, i beg your pardon achieves every one of these goals. We think that happen this law is that utmost prestige toward offering current and future retirees the security they have earned and deserve,” said Matt Biggs, IFPTE President. 

“NOSSCR supports the reintroduction of the Social defense 2100 Act. NOSSCR is especially pleased that the invoice addresses NOSSCR’s height legislative priorities, enhancing the fee cap for claimants’ representatives and also ending the five-month waiting duration before claimants are able to obtain their society Security disability benefits. The consists of these provisions results in a fairer and more efficient social Security impairment program and also increases claimants’ access to default representation. We have actually worked closely with Chairman znjke.com and also his staff on these crucial provisions in the past and also commend Chairman znjke.com for their inclusion in this bill. NOSSCR looks front to working through Chairman znjke.com and the plenty of co-sponsors of this regulation to certain a timely i of this bill,” said Barbara R. Silverstone, executive Director, national Organization that Social security Claimants’ to represent (NOSSCR).

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“For too long, practically 3 million educators and other windy servants have been hit with Social Security’s unfair government Pension counter (GPO) and also Windfall removed (WEP) provisions. GPO and also WEP penalize educators, nurses, an initial responders, and other state and also local government employees that dedicate their resides to public service, depriving lock of the Social defense benefits they have actually earned. That is why NEA is proud to assistance Rep. Man znjke.com’s Social defense 2100: A sacred Trust legislation to deal with this worry by totally repealing GPO and WEP, while broadening Social protection benefits for all beneficiaries, which will help retired educators live with dignity,” said National education Association president Becky Pringle.