The house on Monday passed regulation that would rise the quantity of direct payments in the recently signed coronavirus relief package indigenous $600 come $2,000.

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The bill passed in a 275-134 vote, with assistance from 44 Republicans. It essential a two-thirds bulk under the procedures that were used for consideration.

The measure deals with an uphill battle in the GOP-controlled Senate. Sen. Roy Blunt

Roy Dean BluntThe Hill"s Morning Report - presented by Uber - Senate debt limit drama ends; Trump legal troubles increase On The Money — Senate dangers Trump"s ire v debt ceiling transaction Defense bill creates brand-new office to examine UFOs an ext (R-Mo.), a member that Senate Republican leadership, claimed last week the he didn’t think a bill to boost the stimulus checks to $2,000 could pass in the top chamber.


But bringing up the measure on Monday permitted Democrats to force Republicans to take a videotaped vote ~ above an issue that is famous with democratic lawmakers and the public and also supported by president Trump

Donald TrumpPublicist "not associated" v Kanye West at time of choice incident: spokesperson trump card teases 2024 run throughout Orlando event with O"Reilly Jan. 6 panel details instance for holding grasslands in contempt ahead of house vote MORE.

The vote come after Trump last week criticize the relief package end the dimension of the direct payments, developing uncertainty about the fate that the legislation. When he at some point signed the relief package on Sunday, Trump stated in a statement the he “told congress that i want much less wasteful security and an ext money going come the American world in the kind of $2,000 checks every adult and $600 per child.”

Trump brought up Monday’s formerly planned residence vote in his statement end the weekend and also said the Senate would “start the process” because that a vote the would increase the size of the direct payments to $2,000. However, a statement from Senate bulk Leader Mitch McConnell

Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellFour dead in Tennessee after ~ storms sweep through Biden claims he will certainly visit area influenced by storms: "We"re going to obtain through this together" Trump demands undermine unit of GOP leaders much more (R-Ky.) authorize Sunday make no mention of a Senate vote.

Senate democratic Leader Charles Schumer

Chuck SchumerTrump battles to clear GOP field in north Carolina Senate race Coalition urges Senate to publish bills, amendments online while quiet under consideration Some good news in the battle to rebalance the courts an ext (N.Y.) said Monday the would shot to pass the residence measure ~ above Tuesday. His attempt is most likely to it is in thwarted by Republicans, in spite of support from part GOP senators.

Monday"s invoice in the House, recognized as the CASH Act, would increase the dimension of payments because that both eligible adults and children from $600 come $2,000. Individuals with revenue of approximately $75,000 and also married couples with revenue up come $150,000 would certainly be eligible for the complete amount. The quantities would decrease over those earnings thresholds.

The bill would certainly also allow adult dependents, such as college students, disabled adults and also elderly relatives, to it is in eligible because that both $2,000 payments and also the $500 payment authorized by the cares Act in March.

The joint Committee on Taxation estimated that the bill would certainly cost around $464 billion. It is on height of the $164 exchange rate estimated cost of the $600 payments.

Democrats emphasized Trump’s assistance for $2,000 direct payments during the house floor conflict on the invoice Monday.

“The chairman of the united States has actually put this forth together something the he wants to see, in part of his signing the regulation yesterday,” speak Nancy Pelosi

Nancy PelosiClyburn to democrats itching for management role: "If you desire my seat, come obtain it" Omar allies dig in on calls because that Boebert penalty Trump needs undermine unified of GOP leaders much more (D-Calif.) said. “I hope the that check out will be shared by the republic in the Senate.”

Republicans typically opposed the bill, express concerns around its impact on the deficit and arguing the the checks would not be well targeted.

“I acknowledge that today"s CASH Act will certainly pass through bipartisan support, Republicans and Democrats alike, and also I respect the decision of each member that Congress,” Rep. Kevin Brady

Kevin Patrick BradyTrump war v GOP seeps right into midterms Nunes retirement move seen as authorize of power transition in GOP Nunes resignation sets turn off GOP scramble on ways and method MORE (Texas), the optimal Republican on the residence Committee ~ above Ways and also Means, claimed on the floor ahead of the vote.

“But for me, I problem that this chuck $463 exchange rate won"t execute what"s needed, wake up the economy, or gain the jobless earlier to work.”

During the negotiations over the relief package, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Steven MnuchinSuspect in Khashoggi killing arrested The Hill"s Morning Report - gift by facebook - Biden to handle omicron dangers with brand-new travel rules Mnuchin and also McConnell discuss debt limit during brief meeting much more advocated for $600 checks as Republicans sought to store the overall price tags of the relief package under $1 trillion.

Monday"s vote did not fall completely along party lines.

Rep. Tom Reed

Tom ReedGOP infighting simply gets uglier Lawmakers that bucked your parties top top the T framework bill democratic retirements can make a challenging midterm year even worse an ext (R-N.Y.), a co-chair the the bipartisan trouble Solvers Caucus, said on Sunday that he was supporting the bill since “it is just fair that us act decisively now to supply the substantial relief people desperately need.”

Rep. Kurt Schrader

Walter (Kurt) cut SchraderHouse passes invoice to combine shipping it is provided chain five takeaways: house passes Biden"s sweeping benefits bill residence passes huge social policy and climate measure an ext (D-Ore.), a member that the Blue Dog Coalition of centrist Democrats, dubbed the bill “an ineffective and poorly targeted strategy to aiding american in distress.”

Monday’s vote was the 2nd time in current days that home Democrats had actually attempted to bring up legislation to an increase the dimension of the direct payments. ~ above Thursday, they tried to perform so through unanimous consent, yet that effort was blocked by Republicans.

Despite GOP objections to the higher payments during Thursday"s attempt to happen the boost via unanimous consent, leadership in both parties had actually said ahead of Monday’s vote that they expected the bill to satisfy the two-thirds threshold following the president’s comments.

Republicans informally whipped the measure ahead the the vote, one GOP lawmaker called The Hill.

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While the measure up was meant to pass, democrats were prepared to automatically send the bill to the residence Rules Committee to enable them to happen it with a an easy majority, House bulk Leader Steny Hoyer

Steny Hamilton HoyerClyburn to democracy itching for management role: "If you desire my seat, come acquire it" Pressley supplying measure condemning Boebert The Hill"s Morning Report - presented by Uber - brand-new vaccine mandate in NYC; Biden-Putin showdown more (D-Md.) said members of his caucus during a conference contact Monday.