A previous Louisiana State Police trooper has been charged through a civil legal rights violation for pummeling a black color motorist 18 times with a flashlight — the an initial criminal situation to arise from commonwealth investigations right into troopers" beatings that at the very least three black men.

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ATLANTA (AP) — Emory University has received a $5 million grant to create a brand-new center in ~ the regulation school concentrated on proceeding civil rights and also social justice.

The money is comes from a charitable foundation funded through Southern company Gas, the university said Thursday.

MIAMI (AP) — A former Florida prison guard has been sentenced to 2 years and also nine months in prison for conspiring to assault young inmates in ~ a south Florida facility.

Terrance Reynolds, 31, was sentenced Wednesday in Miami federal court, according to court records.

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) — A previous Long Island prosecutor was sentenced come 5 years in prison on Tuesday for helping cover increase the police beating of a prisoner suspected of steal sex toys and also other items from a police chief’s vehicle.

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) — A previous Long Island prosecutor and also one the his height aides convicted of help cover up the beating the a doubt are encountering sentencing this week.

Former Suffolk County district Attorney thomas Spota and also Christopher McPartland to be convicted in December 2019 top top counts the conspiracy, obstruction of justice, witness tampering and also civil legal rights violations.

HULL, Mass. (AP) — The previous superintendent the Hull public schools alleges in a lawsuit the he to be discriminated versus because the is gay and his firing has made it impossible for him come land a new job in education.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A previous Kentucky inmate has been forgive $2.2 million in a federal lawsuit that accused a deputy jailer of bespeak inmates come beat him because he had actually dated the deputy"s wife.

BOSTON (AP) — A man currently charged through stabbing a rabbi outside a Jewish college in Boston currently faces additional hate crime offenses, prosecutors claimed Thursday.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) — A former northeastern Pennsylvania police chief has actually pleaded guilty to a civil legal rights violation in what authorities claimed were dangers to retaliate versus a society media doubter by submit unfounded criminal charges.

ST. Louis (AP) — A former St. Louis police officer has actually been judge of a civil rights violation because that beating a black color undercover officer during protests in 2017, yet the jury can not reach a verdict against a 2nd former officer.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut legislator on Monday have voted come formally expand the state attorney General"s strength to incorporate investigating allegations of specific hate crimes and civil legal rights violations and also to initiate legitimate proceedings.

ATLANTA (AP) — The attorney because that a Georgia sheriff charged through federal civil legal rights violations ~ above Sunday blasted the public release of a evaluation panel’s report urging the governor to suspend the sheriff indigenous office.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice room is stepping increase its enforcement of dislike crimes and other bias-related incidents, furthering a promise through Attorney basic Merrick Garland to focus on civil legal rights violations.

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia"s governor on Wednesday rely a sheriff accused that violating the civil rights of several human being in his custody by ordering lock unnecessarily strapped right into restraint chairs and left there for hours.

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Three previous Minneapolis police officers who are charged through violating George Floyd’ s civil rights are scheduled to it is in arraigned in federal court in July, through a trial date to be determined.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice department is sending out a solid message around its concerns these days.

In just over the previous two weeks, it has opened investigations of police in Louisville, Kentucky, and also