Donald Trump at a press conference to announce a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Google and also their CEOs. Michael M. Santiago/Getty images July 8, 2021

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Trump can’t beat Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in court – however the fight can be worth much more than awin

open minded LoMonte, University that Florida

former President trump is questioning the court to do what tycoon Trump when would have denounced: tell some of America’s most an effective corporations that they have actually no an option who castle do organization with.

south Africa’s constitutional Court is taken into consideration the radical of the country’s autonomous order. Right here it is in conference in 2019. photo by Alon Skuy/Sowetan/Gallo pictures via Getty pictures April 25, 2021
The growing defence of south Africa’s beleaguered constitutional democracy is bolstered by african thinker Mahmood Mamdani’s recent book.

Tony Leon the autonomous Alliance’s last election rally hosted in Johannesburg, in April 2004. EFE-EPA/Kim Ludbrook April 6, 2021

Former opposition leader Tony Leon pushes south Africa’s warm buttons in newbook

Keith Gottschalk, University of the west Cape

Leon mulls end the democratic Alliance’s biggest challenge: ‘how to preserve its bulk support amongst minorities, and increase its meagre voter share amongst the black majority’.

Why the alt-right believes one more American revolution iscoming

Clare Corbould, Deakin University and also Michael McDonnell, University that Sydney

trump supporters have actually staked a case to the united state Constitution and the establishing era of the country in their battle versus what lock perceive together an ‘illegitimate’ government.

How values, interests and also power should shape southern Africa’s foreignpolicy

Danny Bradlow, University that Pretoria

While southern Africa should pay cautious attention to every its currently trade and economic relations, certain attention have to go to its intra-African financial relations.

Young Sandi Sile on an abandoned framework in Makhanda, south Africa, in 2013. Questions remain around how the new law will certainly treat exit land. Getty images November 1, 2020

South Africa has one more go at an expropriation law. What that allabout

Elmien du Plessis, North-West University

The proposed new law has a long history. The nation has to be trying for practically 12 years currently to come up with expropriation regulation that is in line with the constitution.
Pete Musico, left, is among the starting members of the Wolverine Watchmen, together is Joseph Morrison, right. Both to be charged in the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. (Jackson ar Sheriff’s Office via AP) Jackson county Sheriff’s Office via AP October 12, 2020

Plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor flourished from the militia movement’s toxicity mix of constitutional falsehoods andhalf-truths

man E. Finn, Wesleyan University

A scholar of militia movements defines the ‘peculiar’ – and also erroneous – ethics that right-wing militias subscribe to, including believing us to be defenders that the bill of Rights.
world gather external the U.S. Can be fried Court building as news spread out of combine Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Sept. 18 death. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite September 22, 2020
A 6-3 conservative court will hear a more comprehensive range the controversial cases, change interpretations of individual rights and put an ext pressure on regional democracy to make policy decisions.
voter in Nashville, Tennessee, faced long lines in march 2020. AP Photo/Mark Humphrey respectable 26, 2020
The framers the the structure never pointed out a best to vote. They didn’t forget. They intentionally left that out.
during a protest, federal police officials stand inside a fence in ~ the commonwealth courthouse in Portland, Oregon, July 25, 2020. (Photo by Ankur Dholakia / AFP via Getty images respectable 5, 2020

Don’t want federal agents in her city or town? Then defend federalproperty

candid V. Zerunyan, University of southerly California

No one connected in local federal government wants to view federal law enforcement agents take over their policing. But a mayor who’s likewise a legit scholar claims there’s background and precedent for it.
Moeketsi Majoro, Lesotho’s brand-new Prime Minister. A minor constitutional amendment enabled his ascension come power. GCIS/Flickr June 22, 2020

Lesotho can’t afford incremental transforms to its constitution: it requirements a completeoverhaul

Hoolo 'Nyane, University of Limpopo

The basic structure of the current constitution, i beg your pardon is cast in classic Westminster conceptions, is unsuited for modern constitutionalism.
southern Africa’s skilled surfers have actually been allowed back in the water. Brenton Geach/Gallo photos via Getty photos June 3, 2020

Court throws southern Africa’s lockdown leave strategy right into disarray. However it acquired itwrong

Richard Calland, University that Cape Town

The judgment creates a brand-new layer of suspicion in an currently highly fluid situation and also heaps additional unwelcome pressure onto government.

Coronavirus casts dark shadow over southern Africa’s freedom celebrations

Richard Calland, University that Cape Town

because that the an initial time since the end of apartheid in 1994, citizens have had to expropriate stringent restrictions on their typical civil liberties.

Five ways new Zealanders’ lives and also liberties will be greatly controlled, even after lockdowneases

Alexander Gillespie, University that Waikato

until NZ is no longer in a state the emergency, authorities have exceptional powers over people’s lives – from telling world to stay home, to potentially making inoculations or experimentation mandatory.
Bernie Sanders to be asked in ~ a CNN-sponsored town hall around socialism. CNN screenshot February 27, 2020

How socialism became un-American with the advertisement Council’s propaganda campaigns

Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, Miami University

Bernie Sanders is a democratic Socialist, a potential problem for the presidential candidate. A Cold War project to connect American-ness and also capitalism helped create popular mistrust of socialism.
south Africa’s brand-new sex education and learning curriculum is viewed by part as infringing ~ above the rights of parents. EFE-EPA/Jon Hrusa November 28, 2019

Sex education and learning raises questions about the function of the state in SouthAfrica

Nicola de Jager, Stellenbosch University

Objections raised about the school syllabus by parents, schools and also civil culture point to a bigger difficulty with the state.
The fight for decent real estate in south Africa has actually been unsuccessful. Nic Bothma/EPA November 26, 2018

Promise of ideal to real estate remains elusive in autonomous SouthAfrica

Soraya Beukes, University that the west Cape

fail by south Africa’s municipalities to carry out housing because that the negative violates a constitution Court ruling.
Donald and also Melania trump in Paris critical week. Follow to the Washington Post, the president has made 6,420 false or misleading comment in 649 days. Ian Langsdon/EPA November 15, 2018
united state president Donald Trump’s commercial scale deception has actually dangerous implications everywhere. What then, deserve to we perform to foster a more civilised society?
Presidents cutting board Jefferson and Donald Trump. Wikipedia because that Jefferson main portrait/REUTERS/Leah Millis because that Trump photograph October 18, 2018

What thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump and the American people think around freedom that thepress

Jill Darling, USC Dornsife university of Letters, Arts and also Sciences and also Robert Shrum, USC Dornsife college of Letters, Arts and also Sciences

Americans are overwhelmingly cursed to a complimentary press and hostile to government restrictions, a brand-new poll finds. But the country is separated on the an interpretation of chairman Trump’s strikes on the press.
A member of southern Africa’s economic Freedom fighters party v a copy the the Constitution. EPA/Kim Ludbrook august 3, 2018

Explainer: what’s connected in changing South Africa’s Constitution

Pierre de Vos, University that Cape Town

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southern Africa’s constitution has actually been amended 17 time already. But, the procedure for doing so is onerous.
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