More than three years after invoice O’Reilly was fired indigenous Fox News between sexual-harassment allegations, the No Spinster is return to television. Upstart OTT network The an initial will operation his show starting tonight.

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No spin News,the display that has actually been running on O’Reilly website and on YouTube, now will air weeknights at 8 p.m. ET/5 PT on The first and repeat three hours later. That’s the very same slot whereby The O’Reilly Factoraired ~ above Fox News Channel.

“The success the with countless users will currently accelerate v our partnership,” O’Reilly claimed in the announcement. “The first will create and distribute honest, corporate-free news and commentary i beg your pardon is desperately required in America.”

Since leave Fox News in April; 2017 ~ 21 years, O’Reilly — who was the most-watched host on cable news — has been battling defamation lawsuits, threatening legal action, stable suits and

UTA reduce him together a client in October 2017 — together did his publication agency, WME.

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Around that time, reports surfaced the he was headed because that a gig through Sinclair Broadcasting, yet the network stated in November 2017 the it had actually “no attention in rental O’Reilly.”

The very first airs 45 hrs a mainly of original content top top its app, Pluto TV, Distro TV and also YouTube. Various other personalities with reflects on the network include Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, Jesse Kelly and Mike Slater.

BillOReilly has a brand-new TV home! capture him every weeknight on The First! here are every the methods to watch