A woman that accuses former Fox News organize Bill O’Reilly of workplace harassment once he was her boss in the early 2000s is opening up for the very first time around her claims, saying she felt bullied into signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in 2004.

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Andrea Mackris thorough the allegations in an interview with The daily Beast released Tuesday. 

Fox would cut ties with O’Reilly in April 2017 following the revelation that he payment $13 million to 5 women to work out allegations of sex-related misconduct.

Mackris, that was a producer on “The O’Reilly Factor,” sue the host in 2004, alleging harassment and misconduct. She defined being hit on in ~ dinners, often including graphic sexual talk.

She told The day-to-day Beast that O’Reilly frequently wanted she to masturbate over the phone v him, and mocked she for no participating. She said during one September 2004 call, she reminded him the he to be her boss in an initiative to get him to realize how wrong his plot were.

“Instead, the said, ‘I know, however I’m walk to do you play.’ here was my boss, a male who held my career and future in his hands, acknowledging that he knew I’d never consented but he no care,” Mackris said.

Mackris stated that phone contact was the factor she sought legitimate counsel.

“I stood as much as Bill O’Reilly’s sexual abuse in the workplace alone. And for that ns lost every little thing I ever was and also ever hope to be,” she said.

Mackris additionally detailed to The daily Beast just how her very own attorneys pressured she felt indigenous her own lawyers to take it a $9 million settlement, which had an NDA that she states she doesn"t mental being presented until year later.

She says among her attorneys, David Ratner, “was yelling due to the fact that I was yelling earlier at him the Bill wasn’t a victim.”

“I was sobbing and screaming. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening—that Fox heard the tapes and was act nothing. I was in full-blown PTSD. I wasn’t in my body. Ns was shaking indigenous head to toe and crying uncontrollably,” she said.

The daily Beast reported the Mackris"s brother and former therapist remember gift told about her version of events, but Ratner strong denied Mackris"s version an email.

“No one yelled. No one screamed, nobody threatened,” Ratner supposedly said. “After several hrs of negotiations Kasowitz said that $9 million was the final offer. Andrea read and signed the settlement agreement. She knew that the agreement included an NDA because her portion of the settlement was paid in three annual installments to ensure the she did not violate the NDA… i am distressed the Andrea’s memory is therefore faulty.”

Fredric S. Newman, O’Reilly’s legal action counsel, told The everyday Beast, “Ms. Mackris approve a windy statement in 2004 in which she proclaimed that ‘there to be no wrongdoing whatsoever through Mr. O’Reilly.”

In a statement come The Hill top top Tuesday, a Fox News spokesperson said, “the cases outlined in this report took location under the management of roger Ailes, who together with Bill O’Reilly and the administration referred to here, have been long gone native the network.”

“Since the summer of 2016, FOX News has functioned tirelessly to transform the company culture, including naming a brand-new chief executive, tripling the dimension of ours HR footprint, designating a brand-new senior management team predominantly consisted of of women and establishing a Diversity, Equity and also Inclusion Council," the explain said.

"We have additionally instituted mandatory in-person, live harassment avoidance training, designated multiple avenues to report ‘concerning behavior’ consisting of an anonymous alert line, amplified company-wide interaction with quarterly agency meetings and mentoring events, and implemented a zero tolerance policy regarding workplace misconduct of any kind of kind because that which us engage outside independent that company to manage all investigations. No various other media company has gone through such a comprehensive and continuous overhaul which led to our designation together a Great location to Work last year," it added.

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