znjke.com has obtained partial transcripts indigenous the custody trial at the center of Fox News anchor bill O’Reilly’s vicious problem with his ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy. The documents, which record testimony given last year, confirm that the ex-couple’s teenage daughter told a court-appointed forensic examiner the she observed O’Reilly “choking she mom” as he “dragged her under some stairs” by the neck. The same transcripts also reveal that O’Reilly—who famously settled a lurid sex-related harassment insurance claim from among his young female producers—told his daughter the her mother is one “adulterer”; that he battles to control his rage around his family; and also that his daughter regards him as an absentee father.

How invoice O'Reilly do the efforts to obtain His Wife's boyfriend Investigated through the Cops

Last summer, Fox News anchor bill O'Reilly came to believe that his mam was romantically…

znjke.com an initial reported the domestic violence allegations against O’Reilly on Monday, citing a resource familiar with the case. In response, O’Reilly listed a pass out statement come Politico: “All allegations against me in these circumstances are 100% false. I am going to respect the court-mandated confidentiality put in ar to safeguard my children and also will no comment any further.” The transcripts we’ve obtained will assist O’Reilly’s fans and also critics alike judge the statement for themselves.

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Bill O’Reilly Accused of residential Violence in Custody Battle

Three mainly ago, a Nassau County supreme Court justice ended a bitterness three-year custody dispute…

In the summer that 2014, the Nassau County supreme Court righteousness overseeing the O’Reilly-McPhilmy custody dispute assigned a Manhattan psychologist named Larry Cohen come interview and also assess every member that the family: bill O’Reilly, Maureen McPhilmy, and also their son and daughter. Cohen created evaluations of your individual interviews and also later testified in court around what the observed. The transcripts below draw from the cross-examination of Cohen at the Nassau County can be fried Court by McPhilmy’s attorney, Casey greenfield (who has had her very own struggles with an errant father). Additionally present in the court room to be O’Reilly’s attorney, boy name Clair, and also the independent attorney assigned to stand for both children, Barbara Kopman.

At one point, greenfield asked Cohen, who was under oath, even if it is his investigation had actually turned up any type of evidence of residential violence in the O’Reilly-McPhilmy household. (Note: In this transcript, O’Reilly and also McPhilmy’s daughter is identified as “M.”)

Q: In the food of your meetings with the children, did either of castle describe any kind of incidents of domestic violence between their parents?

A: Yes.

Q: and who was that?

A: M. Reported—having see an occurrence where I think she claimed her dad was choking her mommy or had actually his hands around her neck and dragged her down some stairs.

Q: And?

MR. CLAIR: your Honor, to the extent that that occurrence as alleged may have actually predated the signing that the agreement.

THE COURT: Counsel. Counsel, she request the question, we got the answer. Let’s relocate on.

From the transcript itself:


This exchange lends added context come O’Reilly’s quasi-denial. Considering his evasive language—“in this circumstances”—he appears to be complicated either Cohen’s evaluation (if no necessarily accusing that of perjury) or accusing his daughter the lying around his behavior. In any case, the is difficult for O’Reilly to seriously case that his daughter’s allegation of residential violence did not arise in court.

According to a different part of the transcript, Cohen revealed that the daughter declared that O’Reilly—identified together “Mr. Anonymous”—told her the her mom is one “adulterer.” O’Reilly’s daughter was 15 at the time of the testimony.

Q : What sorts of things did M. Phone call you that Mr. Cotton says around their mother?

A : the she is an adulterer, and that she husband is, M.’s brand-new stepfather is not a an excellent person, and oh, if she spends her time or an ext time at the mummy home, that will damage her life.


It is unclear whether McPhilmy, who has subsequently remarried, ever before committed adultery. Over there is plenty of publicly obtainable evidence—thanks come a 2004 sexual harassment sue filed by former Fox News producer Andrea Mackris—that O’Reilly involved in lewd, extremely sexual actions with at the very least one various other woman while he to be married come McPhilmy. O’Reilly got to an out-of-court settlement with Mackris, but not before she filed an tremendous 22-page affidavit detailing the precise methods that O’Reilly’s harassment, including transcripts from phone conversations in i beg your pardon the anchor insisted Mackris masturbate with a vibrator, bragged around attending “a sex show in Thailand,” and promised come fondle her vagina using a “falafel thing.”

Another part of the transcript shows that the daughter regarded O’Reilly—who has sanctimoniously and repeatedly criticized the “black community” for failing to parent kids appropriately—as an absentee father.

Q : and also M. Report to you that her father to be never roughly to have a connection with her for 11 years, correct?

A : it is what she said.

Q: and the word, once I emphasize words “never,” that was she word, was it not?

A: Yes, that was.


When O’Reilly was around, he was supposedly prone to bouts of fury so disruptive the occasionally had actually to walk outside and punch a tree. Under questioning indigenous McPhilmy’s attorney, Cohen relays his observations from interviews he performed with O’Reilly around his rage problems.

Q : and also Mr. Anonymous himself admitted that he has actually trouble v impatience and he sometimes goes quite ballistic?

A : that did use the word “going ballistic,” yet it was on minimal occasions the did speak that, yet I think it to be on limited occasions.

Q: Did friend ask the what he supposed by that, by “ballistic”?

A: ns don’t recall. I think ns did however I don’t recall.

Q: Yes, on page 53. 53, middle, pretty lot half-way down?

A: Yes, I view it. Well, as soon as I inquiry dad what he intended by going ballistic, he stated that the would, quote, act prefer an idiot, close quote, which he can no much longer do at his age or he deserve to institute arrangement B, which would certainly be walking out, hitting a tree or yelling and also moaning. He stated he functioned hard to save his emotions under control.


In the exact same cross-examination, Cohen testified that McPhilmy—“Mrs. Anonymous”—detailed the affect of O’Reilly’s fury on her, and that their daughter found his temper to it is in “scary”:

Q: and Mrs. Anonymous told you about Mr. Anonymous’ tantruming (sic)?

A: She supplied that word.

Q: and M. Explained him as flipping out and also being quote, scary and demeaning?

A: She supplied those words.

Q: and also that sometimes that renders her cry?

A: She claimed that.

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Taken together, this revelations indicate that O’Reilly has actually brought practically every feature of his tremendously lucrative public persona—his absurd moralizing, his venomous religiosity, his habitual cruelty toward women—to be affected by each other on his very own family, v predictable consequences.

Neither O’Reilly nor McPhilmy have actually responded to requests because that comment. A voicemail left in ~ Dr. Cohen’s office was not returned.