The Fox News host and daytime star briefly take it on the function of surrogates for Trump and Clinton before Monday night’s presidential debate.

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If you can’t wait because that the very first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and also Donald Trump, 2 unlikely surrogates because that the candidates sat down for what is sure to be a kinder, gentler variation of Monday night’s large showdown.

Yes, debate day in America brought notoriously ornery Fox News hold Bill O’Reilly come the notoriously pretty Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime talk show. And while O’Reilly was ostensibly there to comment on the recent in his Killing series of books, they spent a great deal of their time talking about the presidential race.

DeGeneres is an unabashed Clinton supporter, telling the democratic candidate, “You know what a supporter i am,” throughout an interview with her earlier this year. O’Reilly’s partnership to trump card is more complicated, despite his duty as among the many conservative master on cable TV. He has actually been tougher on trump card than some of his Fox News colleagues and said last week the he has actually no intention of endorsing the Republican candidate, simply as he has never made politics endorsements in previous elections.

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Still, O’Reilly has actually a far easier time mentioning politics 보다 DeGeneres, who opened up their interview by saying she just wants everybody to “get along” and “love one another.” but as she correct noted, the rhetoric in this choice years feels “more toxic than it’s ever been” and there was some natural irony in asking someone who makes his life on cable news how we have the right to make the better.

Pivoting to the debate, O’Reilly suspect both Trump and also Clinton will certainly be “less nasty” and “more measured” than world think, putting faith in the candidates to it is in “civil” because “Americans wants problems solved.”

The Fox host was unconvinced to to speak he is “friends” with Trump, speak it’s not prefer they “hang together,” regardless of the truth that, together DeGeneres pointed out, “There are images of friend hanging together” in ~ Knick games and other sporting events. As soon as Trump an initial told that privately the he to be thinking around running because that president, O’Reilly joked in response, “Of what country?” He said he had actually “no idea” that Trump would finish up complying with through v his plans. “Because it is a really harsh game,” he said of running for president. “And he has a really thin skin.”

But in the following breath, O’Reilly was defending his non-friend, speak Trump is “not some sort of irresponsible crazy man” who going to attack Russia if Vladimir Putin provides fun the his hands. Similarly, he backed Trump’s refusal to release any tax returns. “As a journalist, I’d love to see them.” O’Reilly said, “but it would kill him as a politician, due to the fact that that would come to be the story in the last five weeks the the campaign.”

Asked by DeGeneres if the American civilization have a “right” to see Trump’s finances, O’Reilly said, “You don’t have a legal appropriate to see them.” Looking at it indigenous Trump’s “point the view,” O’Reilly claimed he wishes the American civilization will recognize why he’s no releasing the information.

“If he is going to attack his adversary for being corrupt or doing things that room sneaky, then he should not have anything come hide,” DeGeneres shoot back, echoing what is certain to it is in an discussion made by Clinton on Monday night.

“I think Americans can assume that doesn’t want, prior to the election, you to view what he did,” O’Reilly concluded, a line he intended as a defense that the candidate but which sound like an ext of an indictment.

Finally, DeGeneres request O’Reilly why that doesn’t run for chairman himself, currently that someone like Trump has displayed that pretty much anyone can do it. He said he’s no interested in the “nasty game” the is electoral politics. “Do I desire to put my kids through that?” that asked, illustration applause from the audience when he praised chairman Obama for the way he has controlled family life within the White House.

As DeGeneres said goodbye, O’Reilly sound a tiny disappointed the she didn’t do him dance.