Megyn Kelly on the collection of she NBC show. Throughout the broadcast on Monday, she sharply denounced her former Fox News colleague bill O’Reilly.Credit...Nathan Congleton/NBC

In an unusual strike on a former employer, the NBC organize Megyn Kelly supplied her morning show on Monday to denounce her former Fox News colleague invoice O’Reilly and also the cable network wherein she offered to work.

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Ms. Kelly’s remarks came after The brand-new York times reported top top Saturday that Mr. O’Reilly agreed to salary Lis Wiehl, a previous Fox News legitimate analyst, $32 million to clear up sexual harassment allegations. A statement post on Mr. O’Reilly’s website top top Saturday explained The Times’s post as a “smear piece.”

“I invested this weekend top top the phone call nonstop, talking to countless women at Fox News and otherwise, who room deeply disturbed over the latest new York time report,” Ms. Kelly claimed at the begin of her show, “Megyn Kelly Today.”

Ms. Kelly distinguished herself during her year at Fox News through her challenging questioning the guests. Her NBC persona was supposed to be sunnier, but her prosecutorial streak was in proof Monday together she invoked the O. J. Simpson situation while discussing Mr. O’Reilly.

After citing the $32 million sum, Ms. Kelly said, “That is a jaw-dropping figure.” referring to Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, she added: “O. J. Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldman and Brown family members $33.5 million for the killing of Ron and also Nicole. What on earth would justify the amount? What awfulness walk on?”

Ms. Kelly had likewise invited Juliet Huddy, an additional former Fox employee who got to a settlement commitment after accusing Mr. O’Reilly of sexual harassment, to be a guest on the display Monday.

In her remarks, Ms. Kelly additionally described an email she sent out to top Fox executives last November.

At the time, Ms. Kelly had published a book in i beg your pardon she outlined sex-related harassment cases concerning roger E. Ailes, the previous Fox News chief executive. Mr. Ailes to be let go from the network after an investigation right into several other claims; he passed away this year.

The day the Ms. Kelly’s publication came out, Mr. O’Reilly appeared on “CBS This Morning” to encourage his recent book. Inquiry on the show to comment on Ms. Kelly’s allegations, he stated he was “not interested.”

“I am not interested in usually litigating something that is finished that makes my network look bad,” Mr. O’Reilly said.

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As The Times has previously reported, Ms. Kelly sent an email around Mr. O’Reilly to peak Fox executives that day. On Monday, she shared part of the email with her audience.

“Perhaps he didn’t realize the type of blog post his criticism sends out to young women across the country around how men proceed to view the issue of speaking out around sexual harassment,” she wrote. “Perhaps it’s his own background of harassment of females which has, together you both knew, led to payouts to an ext than one woman, consisting of recently, that blinded him come the folly of saying anything other than ‘I am sorry for the ladies of this company who never ever should have gone through that.’”

Ms. Kelly, who worked at Fox News indigenous 2004 until January of this year, additionally criticized Irena Briganti, the network’s top communications executive, for “vindictiveness.”

Ms. Briganti walk not automatically respond to a request for comment. A spokesman because that 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News, said, “Irena is a valued colleague and she has actually our complete support.”

Ms. Kelly is a month into her function as organize of “Megyn Kelly Today.” The show’s ratings have acquired off come a unstable start: because that the main of Oct. 9, she had around 2.3 million viewers, a 23 percent drop native the figure for the exact same time slot a year ago.

On Thursday, in an effort to rise the show’s fun factor, Ms. Kelly danced come a Pitbull song with Hoda Kotb, the co-host of the 10 a.m. Hour of “Today.” The two women request audience members to join them in one “Ellen”-style shindig, with limited success. A clip the the short dance party went famous on social media.

But between the cascade of sex-related harassment allegations against the film mogul Harvey Weinstein, Ms. Kelly has also returned to her old specialty together a news analyst and stirrer that the social pot. She has actually talked increasingly around sexual harassment, consisting of condemning the fashion designer Donna Karan for defending Mr. Weinstein.

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Ms. Huddy showed up with she lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, ~ above Ms. Kelly’s show. Because of the confidential regards to her settlement, Ms. Huddy claimed she could not talk around her particular allegations against Mr. O’Reilly.

When she was introduced moments after Ms. Kelly’s excoriation that her former network, Ms. Huddy said, “I’m do the efforts to keep it together, I’m getting so emotional. That was amazing, through the way.”