21st Century Fox, parent company of Fox News, exit a statement confirming the enormous shakeup in ~ the network.

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An advertisement for bill O'Reilly's Fox News present is shown in the window of News corporation headquarters in brand-new York.Spencer Platt / Getty Images
In a stunning and also sudden downfall, invoice O"Reilly is out at Fox News.

21st Century Fox, parent company of Fox News, exit a declare Wednesday afternoon the read, "After a thorough and careful evaluation of the allegations, the company and invoice O"Reilly have actually agreed that Bill O"Reilly will certainly not be returning to the Fox News Channel."

The future of Fox"s reigning ratings superstar had actually grown uncertain together reports swirled the the network was preparing come sever its relationship with him end multiple claims of sex-related harassment. It appears that Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman that Fox News" parent company, 21st Century Fox, greenlighted the ousting of the network"s best on-air asset.

"Over the past 20 years at Fox News, I have actually been extremely proud come launch and lead among the most successful news programs in history, which has consistently informed and also entertained countless Americans and also significantly contributed to building Fox right into the dominant news network in television," O"Reilly claimed in a statement.

"It is greatly disheartening that we component ways early out to totally unfounded claims," the said. "But the is the regrettably reality numerous of us in the general public eye have to live v today."

The swift adjust follows reporting by The brand-new York times disclosing that the influential and also incendiary political commentator and 21st Century Fox had resolved multiple sexual harassment complaints versus him end the years because that a total of $13 million.

Murdoch had actually initially stood up to making a change, new York magazine reported, citing three inner unnamed sources. O"Reilly"s two-decade-long display was the most rewarding not simply at the network, but throughout all of cable news.

Murdoch"s sons and also successors, James and Lachlan, desire a different direction and a modernized workplace. James Murdoch reportedly argued for O"Reilly to go, through Lachlan Murdoch"s initially landing somewhere in between his brother and his father.

But Lachlan Murdoch started to "lean much more in his brothers James"s direction" in the past couple of days, new York newspaper reporter Gabriel Sherman wrote.

An interior memo to employees on Wednesday signed by all three Murdochs read: "By ratings standards, bill O"Reilly is among the most accomplished TV personalities in the history of cable news. In fact, his success by any kind of measure is indisputable. ... We have full confidence the the network will continue to be a powerhouse in cable news. Lastly, and also most importantly, we desire to underscore our continuous commitment to promoting a occupational environment built on the worths of trust and respect."

Dana Perino, pour it until it is full in for O"Reilly ~ above Wednesday night, closeup of the door the present by lauding O"Reilly as "an very talented broadcaster who raised the bar because that interviewers everywhere."

She review from components of the Murdochs" statement the honored O"Reilly"s ratings success, leaving out the controversies that had actually led to his ouster.

"Tucker Carlson Tonight" will certainly fill O"Reilly"s 8 p.m. Slot, moving from the 9 p.m slot. "The Five" will certainly take over Carlson"s slot.

Now what remains is managing how O"Reilly"s departure will unfold.

Protesters had referred to as for the star"s resignation, and also dozens that advertisers left his show in the taking place backlash.

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"Bill O"Reilly has been subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination the is unmatched in post-McCarthyist America," his attorney, Marc Kasowitz, stated in a statement Tuesday night.

"This legislation firm has actually uncovered proof that the smear campaign is gift orchestrated through far-left establishments bent on damaging O"Reilly for political and also financial reasons. That evidence will be put forth shortly and it is irrefutable."

O"Reilly refuse the merits that the claims, follow to 21st Century Fox. In a statement, O"Reilly stated the settlements were made to "put come rest any type of controversies come spare my children."

An advertisement for invoice O'Reilly's Fox News present is presented in the window of News corporation headquarters in brand-new York.Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The agency has claimed that the "takes problem of rectal behavior an extremely seriously" and that "Mr. O"Reilly is fully committed to supporting our efforts to enhance the environment for all our employee at Fox News."

While advertisers fled, his viewership went up after the times story broke, increasing to 3.77 million that week from 3.31 million the week before, follow to data indigenous the Nielsen company.

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The host has actually been on a previously scheduled holidays in Italy because April 11, and average viewership declined by 21 percent during that time, the Nielsen data show.

O"Reilly"s favorability rating amongst his viewers was down to 73 percent this week from 80 percent critical week, according to an virtual survey performed by The Harris Poll, i m sorry queried 1,000 constant news consumers, split evenly in between supporters of chairman Donald Trump and also Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Fox News has been at the facility of a storm the controversy due to the fact that Chairman and also Chief Executive i get it Ailes resigned last year after he to be accused of sexual harassment by number of women. Ailes denied every one of the allegations.

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Fox News renewed O"Reilly"s contract as the time story remained in the works, yet the document reported that the contract was restructured to give Fox "more leverage over him about his behavior." That can now be a element in O"Reilly"s exit negotiations.