Former chairman Donald trump promised “big crowds” because that his tour with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, yet photos call a various story.

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This mix photo mirrors Donald Trump in ~ the Trump national Golf club in Sterling, Va., on Dec. 2, 2015, left, and also former Fox News organize Bill O"Reilly in new York ~ above Oct. 1, 2015. (AP Photo)
Former president Donald trumped promised “big crowds” for his tourism with former Fox News hold Bill O’Reilly, but apparently their first pair of stops in Florida featured a entirety bunch of north seats.

Trump and also O’Reilly carried out “The history Tour” this weekend with an occasion in Sunrise in south Florida ~ above Saturday, adhered to by Orlando top top Sunday. The tour features O’Reilly and Trump in conversation discussing “exactly exactly how things to be accomplished, and challenges, both great and bad, throughout the four years the Mr. Trump’s presidency,” follow to the occasion details for the Orlando show.

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“See girlfriend in Sunrise, FL, in a little while and also tomorrow, Orlando,” Trump said Saturday before the very first event. “Big crowds!

But photos taken in ~ FLA Live Arena in Sunrise and the Amway facility in Orlando show a various story.

Tickets started at $100, and at FLA Live Arena—home that the NHL’s Florida Panthers—front-row seets and a 45-minute meet and greet v Trump and also O’Reilly, to add a picture with both, cost much more than $7,500.

But at both events, the turnout was light enough that ticket buyers in the top sections were told they can move to the lower sections, reported the Orlando Sentinel and also Sun-Sentinel. At the Sunrise show, the upper-level was closed and people who’d purchased tickets there were “upgraded,” the Sun-Sentinel reported.

The tourism was announced end the summer, and also ever since then the duo has struggled to offer tickets in the huge arenas they’d booked. Ticketing officials said earlier in the summer that the tourism was having actually trouble relocating tickets, follow to Politico, and as of Wednesday, 1,400 tickets remained on revenue in Sunrise, the Sun-Sentinel reported critical week.

O’Reilly told the Orlando crowd at an early stage that it to be “not a rally,” yet nonetheless lobbed greatly softball questions at Trump, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Trump, because that his part, used the event to fuel speculation the he’ll operation for president again in 2024, repeating his false claims around winning in 2020 and also saying that it “looks like we might have come think about really strongly a 3rd time.”

The tour continues next main with reflects in Dallas and Houston. Thousands of tickets are still available for the Saturday display at the Toyota center in Houston, follow to the Ticketmaster website.

“Just leaving Orlando, what a great event,” Trump stated in a statement Sunday complying with the Orlando rally. “Thank you for a task well done to bill O’Reilly—the exorbitant crowd love it all. Following weekend, Texas!”