NEW YORK (AP) — "The View" canceled a plan appearance Wednesday by a mrs who settled a sex-related harassment lawsuit against Bill O"Reilly, after ~ the former Fox News Channel personality sought and also received a restraining order against her.

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O"Reilly accused his former producer, Andrea Mackris, that violating a non-disclosure commitment by talking around her experiences with him nearly two decades ago.

ABC"s daytime speak show, in a statement, claimed that after being educated of the restraining order "we made decision to postpone her interview pending more developments. We look front to welcoming her to "The View" in ~ a later date."

Mackris offered an interview come the day-to-day Beast previously this month detailing she experiences through O"Reilly. She had actually accused that of making repeated lewd telephone calls, while that accused Mackris of an extortion attempt before agreeing to a $9 million negotiation in 2004.

Fox News in 2017 fired O"Reilly, then its most popular star, after it to be revealed the firm had paid five women a complete of $13 million to store quiet around disturbing encounters v him.

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O"Reilly, in court papers filed this main in new York state supreme Court in Nassau County, accused Mackris that violating the confidentiality obligations she had actually agreed to in her settlement. When Mackris supposedly believes the state don"t apply to her, "she has actually not offered to return any type of of the millions of dollars she received," O"Reilly"s lawyers said.

Judge Randy Sue Marber, signed the restraining bespeak Tuesday and ordered a hearing for July 26.

Mackris told the day-to-day Beast top top Wednesday the "I hope the days of the law enabling the silencing of women space over. I will continue to fight because that my voice."

In the July 13 post for the website, Mackris spoke about her emotional distress and also of being properly blackballed in the news market in the years adhering to her case.

That post was co-authored through "contributing reporter" Diana Falzone, herself a previous Fox News employee. Falzone cleared up a gender discrimination lawsuit against Fox, after she accused the network of abruptly taking her turn off the air once she composed an write-up in 2017 detailing her struggles with endometriosis.

The day-to-day Beast discover Falzone"s Fox connection and also settlement in one editor"s keep in mind at the finish of the piece.

That"s a potential conflict of interest, raising the concern of whether Falzone"s experience with Fox would impact her independence, claimed Kathleen Bartzen Culver, director of the facility for Journalism principles at the university of Wisconsin-Madison. She said it would be wrong to indicate Falzone can"t write about these issues, yet it"s questionable for she to write about them once it involves Fox.

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The daily Beast"s editor-in-chief, boy name Shachtman, said Wednesday the news site is comfortable through the arrangement.

"The idea that Diana need to somehow it is in banned from reporting on the topic is nuts," Shachtman said. "We"ve been completely transparent about her background with Fox and no one is difficult the problem of she incredible collection of scoops."

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