For plenty of of us who thrived up in the 90s, wilhelm Sanford Nye was "that guy." He to be the "science guy." The American scientific research educator and mechanical engineer influenced millions the people roughly the world through his funny, informative, and also inventive tv program,Bill Nye the scientific research Guy. For numerous young engineers, the display was an motivating smorgasbord of clinical concepts and ideas. Nye made scientific research accessible, exciting, and also fun, educating young viewers on this wondrous and virtually magical world.

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But, exactly how much carry out you know about Bill Nye? The scientist, entrepreneur, and also entertainer is a pop culture icon and also a vocal member that the scientific community. As well as encouraging fans both young and old to construct their scientifically literacy, Nye likewise works together a scientist, tackling tasks ranging from an are to the environment. This day we will take a watch at bill Nye and share part facts that you could not know around the scientist.

So, who specifically is invoice Nye?

Source: Gage Skidmore/WikimediaThe scientific research Guy has a wide variety of appearances and also shows under his belt. He has actually played a scientific research teacher in a Disney movie and on the TV crime drama Numb3rs. Nye has additionally appeared multiple times on Larry King Live to talk about global warming and space exploration. In 2017, v Netflix, Nye released the present Bill Nye saves the World. Here he explored science topics that impacted everyday lives and invited both celebrity guest speakers and also experts to join in top top the discussions.

Nye had actually the chance to take a course with the legend Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan probably influenced your favourite scientist. Sagan to be an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, poet, and also science communicator. He was among the most renowned scientists the the 1970s and 1980s. Sagan was a clinical talking head for extraterrestrial intelligence, nuclear disarmament and also the hold of the widely famous Cosmos: A an individual Voyage. While at Cornell University, Nye had actually the fortunate possibility of taking a course taught through Carl Sagan. Nye has actually been vocal about how Sagan"s enthusiasm for scientific research would walk on to accumulate his goal to do the same.

The Science male really wanted to it is in an astronaut

Who hasn"t wanted to be an astronaut in ~ some suggest in your lives? If you have followed Bill Nye"s career, you might be conscious that he has actually two passions in ~ science: worldwide warming, and also space. Nye has declared that the has used four times for NASA"s astronaut maintain program. Unfortunately, he to be rejected, and has deadline this come his absence of a Ph.D.

Nye"s work did make it come space

When Nye is no entertaining people, the is functioning as a scientist. He might have to be rejected from the space program, yet Nye was component of a team the designed the MarsDial. This tool, discovered on the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, help calibrate shade in photos take away of Mars by the rover while the is traveling in Mars" thin, reddish atmosphere.

Bill Nye has been working to improve the education system in the united States

Nye through Senator chris Van Hollen in 2017. Source WikimediaLike Carl Sagan, invoice Nye believes the science deserve to inspire youngsters to go into science fields, as soon as taught correctly. Nye wants much more STEM program to be easily accessible for civilization of every ages, and at every level. Gift a regular speaker in ~ conferences for the national Science teacher Association, Nye hasbeen an extremely vocal aboutthe have to have much more resources committed to education, and specifically STEM education. The technician prides self on being a lifelong learner, too.

He participated in a "greenest house" battle

His opponent was actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. Nye had operated hard to make his house environment-friendly as feasible and his neighbor, Begley, take it that as a challenge. Both that them operated hard come outdo every other. In 2008, Nye to be winning, thanks to miscellaneous upgrades and also solar panels. However, things readjusted when Begley installed his own, more efficient, solar panels ~ above his roof. No one has officially been claimed the winner, yet it is for sure to say that the environment won.

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Bill Nye is a liven guy

The scientist has served together vice president and also then as the second executive manager of The Planetary Society, among the world"s largest space-interest groups. That is the challenge of "Bill Nye"s Climate Lab," a permanent exhibition at the Chabot space & Science facility in California. Nye is additionally a fellow of the Committee for cynical Inquiry, a non-profit scientific and also educational organization that aims to promote scientific inquiry and an important investigation. In addition to being a visiting Professor in ~ Cornell, Nye has actually consistently provided his platform as an entertainer to inspire clinical thought and combat clinical illiteracy.