Chicago native Bill Murray welcomed a full-capacity crowd back to Wrigley stadium on Friday (June 11) by top Cubs fans in a rousing "Take Me the end to the Ballgame."

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Bill Murray receive the 2016 mark Twain Prize because that American humor at the Kennedy Centerat the White Housein Washington, D.C. OnOct.21, 2016.Alex Wong/Getty Images

Chicago indigenous Bill Murray welcomed a full-capacity crowd ago to Wrigley stadion on Friday (June 11) by top Cubs fans in a rousing “Take Me the end to the round Game.”

“This is what it feels like to it is in 100%!” Murray hollered come the shoulder-to-shoulder baseball fans throughout the seventh-inning stretch that Friday’s game versus the St. Luigi Cardinals. “And we are going to it is in louder native right now until the last the end in the peak of the 9th inning, understood? Let’s scare the hell the end of these Cardinals!”


This isn’t the an initial time Murray has actually led Wrigley ar in “Take Me out to the ball Game.” He also showed up for video game 3 that the 2016 World series against the Cleveland Indians, helpfully letting fans know that the seventh-inning large also marked their last opportunity to get beer at the concession stands.

His vocal skills notwithstanding, Murray do his graph debut earlier in 2017 thanks to his album New Worlds — credited to Murray, jan Vogler and Friends — topping the classic Albums tally.

Grab part Cracker Jack and also watch Murray’s power below:

The one and only invoice Murray. #CubTogether

— Chicago Cubs (
Cubs) June 11, 2021

Bill Murray scares the hell the end of the Cardinals. #CubTogether

— Chicago Cubs (



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