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Last week significant the 30th anniversary that What around Bob?, the well-known 1991 comedy which starred Bill Murray together Bob Wiley, a desperate psychiatry patient, and also Richard Dreyfuss as Bob’s arrogant — and also thoroughly unamused — a therapist. Once Bob complies with Leo out of town, confrontation and also chaos ensue. But in genuine life, the relationship between these renowned Hollywood co-stars was just as antagonistic.

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‘What about Bob?’

What about Bob?, directed by candid Oz, follows the story the Bob Wiley, a paranoid (and increasingly annoying) male who sets out to stalk his psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin, ~ above a household vacation. Regardless of suffering native crippling phobias, Bob’s excessive personality charms those about him and also he quickly befriends the Marvin household — v the exemption Leo. As Bob ingratiates himself right into the group, Leo becomes significantly irate, also deranged.

Premiering on may 17, 1991, What about Bob? earned $64 million at package office and also enjoyed usually favorable reviews. I get it Ebert thought about the comedy Murray’s best work since Ghostbusters — though his reviewing partner Gene Siskel gave the flick a thumbs-down. He felt the Dreyfuss’ blustering performance was too many angry. However perhaps that anger to be bubbling increase from a very real place…

“I have Problems”

The On-Set Feud

Director open minded Oz has admitted that filmed What about Bob? to be difficult. Yet why, exactly? It turns out that Murray and Dreyfuss go not acquire along. So much so that both actors have acknowledged and confirmed the behind-the-scenes drama come multiple sources.

didn’t get along top top the movie particularly, yet it functioned for the movie. I mean, i drove him nuts, and also he motivated me to drive him nuts,” bill Murray called Entertainment Weekly in 1993, two years after ~ the film’s release. And for his part, Dreyfus said that they did not get, point-blank, in a 2009 interview with The A.V. Club:


“How about it? Funny movie. Terribly uncomfortable experience. We didn’t get along, me and also Bill Murray. But I’ve acquired to give it to him: ns don’t favor him, however he provides me laugh also now. I’m also jealous that he’s a better golfer 보다 I am. It’s a funny movie.”

Dreyfuss echoed that blended sentiment speaking to The everyday Telegraph in 2017. “Bill Murray is a pig,” Dreyfuss said then. “What yes, really irritates me around him is that he’s a great golfer and also I’m not and also, he’s funny sufficient that, also now, although ns loathe him, he makes me laugh.” more recently, Dreyfus went into further information on what specifically irked him around the well-known comedian.

Bill Murray Bullied Richard Dreyfuss

In 2019, Richard Dreyfuss participated in Yahoo Entertainment’s role Recall series, opening up eagerly about his job in cinema — “My favorite subject is myself,” the joked during the food of the interview. Of course, this had a conversation of his job-related on Jaws, American Graffiti (Harrison Ford threw him into a pool!), Close encounters of the 3rd Kind, and also even his quick film debut in The Graduate. But there was one revelation the stuck out most: the gnarly endure of filming What about Bob? alongside invoice Murray.

Though the legend funnyman and also OG SNL actors member exudes a warm celebrity persona, invoice Murray’s exclusive life is tumultuous and also tinged with an individual disputes. Remembering working alongside the comedian in 1991, Dreyfuss admitted:

“I didn’t talk around it for years. Bill just gained drunk in ~ dinner. He to be an irish drunken bully, is what that was. The came earlier from dinner and also walked in and also I said, ‘Read this