Eric and also Candace Johnson have actually announced that they space stepping down as an elderly Pastors that Redding’s Bethel Church. The news to be released throughout Bethel’s Sunday service on November 22. Eric is the oldest son of invoice Johnson, Bethel’s senior Leader. Bethel Church boasts a regional attendance the 11,000 and an annual income the $60 million <…>


Eric and also Candace Johnson have announced that they space stepping under as senior Pastors the Redding’s Bethel Church. The news to be released during Bethel’s Sunday organization on November 22. Eric is the earliest son of bill Johnson, Bethel’s senior Leader.

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Bethel Church boasts a regional attendance the 11,000 and also an yearly income of $60 million according to your 2018 yearly report. The church attributes as the umbrella company for the influential Bethel Music label as well as Bethel Media. Countless students to visit Bethel’s school of mythological Ministry.

Eric and Candace have actually held the titles of “Senior Pastors” to the local Bethel congregation for the critical 9 years and are members that Bethel’s senior Leadership team. They have actually been on staff at Bethel for the last 18 years. Eric is the 6th generation in the Johnson family members to serve as a pastor. His brother, Brian Johnson, is head the Bethel Music and likewise serves top top the senior leadership team.

The an elderly Leadership team is comprised of 4 couples and also three people according come the church’s website, including Bill and Beni Johnson, Eric and also Candace Johnson, Brian and Jenn Johnson and also Kris and also Kathy Vallotton.

Bethel’s press release top top the resignation describes Eric and also Candace’s decision as a matter of courage, strength and faith, stating:

“They were no asked or pressured come resign. There to be no ethical failure, inciting incident, pandemic or politics fatigue, theological difference, or worry of wellness or capacity involved. Fairly this is about courage, strength, and faith, together they have an inner sense that this function is no longer the appropriate fit for them in this season of your lives.”

Eric and also Candace will proceed in their current roles with the finish of January 2021 and are unsure about what castle will go after next, Bethel said.

The press release additionally included a statement from Bethel’s an elderly leader and also Eric’s father, bill Johnson:

“We recognize this was not basic decision for Eric and also Candace to make. And yet, understand that together a an elderly Leadership Team, we completely support them in your decision come resign as the an elderly Pastors the Bethel Church right here in Redding. And also while over there is sadness in this transition, we continue to be expectant and also full that hope for this next season for them and for us.”

Eric Johnson has actually made quiet explanation on Instagram in current months in support of black lives and in reaction to George Floyd’s death. However Eric and also Candace Johnson have actually kept a reasonably low politics profile in current months, as contrasted to various other members that the Johnson family.

Bill Johnson newly wrote one op-ed because that the Christian short article on why he to be voting for Trump again through “confidence and a clear conscience.” His wife Beni has actually attracted far-reaching attention for her support of Sean Feucht’s politics “worship protests” throughout the country, as well as her vocal anti-mask stance. Their kid Brian, has actually tweeted about his association through Evangelicals because that Trump and also appeared in a photograph with the President and others, taken at the Oval Office.

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An extended video announcement about the resignation, from Bethel’s leadership Team deserve to be checked out here.