(znjke.com)Former President bill Clinton to be admitted come the college of California Irvine medical Center"s intensive care unit because that a urinary tract epidemic that spread to his bloodstream, his physicians told znjke.com top top Thursday.

"He was admitted come the ICU because that close monitoring and also administered IV antibiotics and also fluids. He remains at the hospital for consistent monitoring," according to a joint statement Thursday evening from Dr. Alpesh Amin, chair of medicine at UC Irvine medical Center, and Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton"s personal primary physician. They said that Clinton was in the ICU for privacy and also safety, not because he needs extensive care.

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Clinton has been in an excellent spirits, talk to family and staff, and has been up and also walking, according to both his doctors and also his staff. The 42nd president is annoyed the he has to be in the hospital however is chatting and joking, a spokesperson, point of view Urena, said. He has two books with him, consisting of Colson Whitehead"s "Harlem Shuffle," and Hillary Clinton visited v him Friday.

Hillary Clinton leaves after it was announced that previous President invoice Clinton to be admitted come the college of California Irvine Medical facility in Orange, California, ~ above October 14, 2021.
Clinton"s doctors had said "after 2 days of treatment, his white blood cell counting is trending down and also he is responding come antibiotics well," including that they "hope to have actually him go residence soon."
Urena stated in a declare that together of Friday, "all health and wellness indicators room trending in the ideal direction, including his white blood counting which has reduced significantly," and also the previous President would stay in the hospital overnight to receive further IV antibiotics.
According come a source familiar through the situation, the type of antibiotic required to treat Clinton"s type of infection needs to be administered via IV and not orally, which is why he"s remaining in the hospital.
Clinton, who remained in California for a private occasion for his foundation, had been feeling fatigued top top Tuesday and was admitted come the hospital ~ testing, follow to his office. Hillary Clinton visited the occasion on Thursday evening to "represent both that them" and also then went to the hospital come be v the former President, a Clinton spokesman said znjke.com.
The former President"s medical professionals said urologic epidemic are really common in larger people, and also they are conveniently treated, although lock can easily spread come the bloodstream. His crucial measurements space all stable, the medical professionals said.
Clinton, 75, had quadruple bypass heart surgery in 2004 and had two stents put to open one artery in 2010. However his physicians stressed his hospitalization is not heart- or Covid-19-related.

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"On Tuesday evening, chairman Clinton to be admitted come UCI Medical facility to obtain treatment for a non-Covid-related infection. The is ~ above the mend, in good spirits, and also is exceptionally thankful to the doctors, nurses, and staff offering him with wonderful care," Urena said.