A large balloon will certainly be introduced in Sweden and also spew corpuscle of calcium carbonate to dim the sunlight.

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Remember the job where Bill gateways wanted to cover the sunlight to cool the Earth? Well, this summer, the tests will certainly begin. According to The Times, a huge balloon will soon be launched in Sweden that will spew out particles that calcium carbonate, which is essentially “chalk dust.”

The managed Stratospheric Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) desires to prove that the relax of this dust right into the stratosphere can eventually divert some the the sun"s energy and also lower the temperature of our planet.

Historical fact

The balloon will be launched near the Arctic city of Kiruna, and also it would be the an initial serious attempt to check whether an international warming have the right to be retained under manage by dimming the sunlight.

The research is lugged out by researchers at Harvard University and also financed by exclusive donors, including the founder the Microsoft, and also has the purpose of achieving that the light of the sun is reflected external the atmosphere of ours planet.

"SCoPEx is a scientific experiment to breakthrough the expertise of stratospheric aerosols that can be appropriate for solar geoengineering," the project page reads.

Scientific enemies of this project believe that solar geoengineering could bring imperative risks and extreme alters in weather fads that would certainly be no different than present warming trends.

On the other hand, environmentalists are afraid that a "dramatic" adjust in mitigation strategy will come to be a "green light" for greenhouse gases to continue to it is in emitted without any variation in current usage patterns.

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According to The Times, some critics of the project argue that functioning on this type of "solar geoengineering" can backfire by providing politicians one excuse to hold-up reducing greenhouse gas emissions.





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