Bill Clinton went full-out Bubba on Wednesday, heralding Donald Trump’s trademark slogan a racist code. But was it an strike — or a confession?

Campaigning in Orlando, Fla., the ex-president had this come say about “Make America good Again”:

“If you’re a white Southerner, friend know exactly what that means, nothing you? It means I’ll provide you the economic situation you had actually 50 year ago” — ago in the job of Jim Crow distinction — “and I’ll move you earlier up the society totem pole and also other civilization down.”

Of course, invoice Clinton has always been happy to speak to the various other side racist. And also Hillary’s camp is plainly nervous around recent reports that young African-Americans in specific still aren’t marketed on her candidacy.

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Hence, the Donald-Trump-is-really-George-Wallace bit.

But this is the thing: bill himself used the very same “code words” top top Hillary’s behalf back in 2008, as soon as she was fighting Sen. Barack Obama for the autonomous nomination. And also he did that in number of ads:

“It’s time for another comeback,” the said. “It’s time to” — correct — “make America good again.”

If the a coded hate-speech message, it doesn’t issue who states it.

So there you have actually it: Hillary Clinton is a racist, according to the really best government — she husband.

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