Fresh off the first meeting that a sitting U.S. President and North oriental leader, president Donald Trump stated his management would achieve what others could not with the rogue nuclear state.

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On June 12, Trump and Kim Jong Un signed an commitment to "work toward finish denuclearization the the oriental Peninsula." as soon as asked whether this to be just one more empty promise on phibìc Korea’s behalf, Trump said it was not.

"Well, you have actually a various administration. You have actually a various president. You have a different Secretary that State," trumped said. "You have human being that are — you know, it’s really important come them. And we gain it done."

Trump clarified he wasn’t simply talking about Barack Obama. He put forth an additional example of past failure: former President invoice Clinton.

"(Kim) actually pointed out the fact that lock proceeded under a course in the past and also ultimately together you understand nothing acquired done," trump said. "In one case, they took billions of dollars throughout the Clinton regime. ... Take it billions of dollars and also nothing happened. … and also (Clinton) spent $3 billion and also got nothing. And also he began making nuclear tools a day later."

Did Clinton spend $3 billion on north Korea and accomplish "nothing"? it is incorrect for number of reasons.

The White home did no respond come a inquiry for comment.

It wasn’t $3 billion

Trump’s dollar calculation is overstated.

The Congressional research study Service, a nonpartisan eight of Congress, report that between 1995 and 2008, the united States listed North Korea through over $1.3 exchange rate in assistance.

CRS reported the "slightly an ext than 50 percent for food aid and around 40 percent for power assistance." The resources was distributed from the end of invoice Clinton’s an initial term come the final year the George W. Bush. $666 million to be given during the Clinton administration.

The section for food aid was aimed in ~ patching the chronic malnutrition confronted by large portions the the North oriental population, together a result of famine and also inequalities perpetuated through the dictatorship.

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The joined States noted energy accumulation of $549.7 million in 2 chunks to phibìc Korea, one between 1995 and also 2003, one more between 2007 and 2009. Native the paper definition of his remark, it seems Trump to be talking around the first stream under Clinton.