Five time in U.S. History, candidates have lost the famous vote but won the presidency — many recently in 2016. A look at an American political anomaly.

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1824: Andrew Jackson won pluralities that both the famous vote and also the Electoral College, but not a majority, sending the election to the residence of Representatives. There were three other candidates, favor Jackson members the the Democratic-Republican Party — man Quincy Adams, wilhelm Crawford and Henry Clay. Clay threw his support to Adams, sealing the win for Adams, who made Clay his secretary of state. Irate at this “corrupt bargain,” Jackson stop the Senate and ran again for president in 1828. The time, he winner easily.

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1876: Democrat Samuel Tilden to win Republican Rutherford B. Hayes by more than 200,000 votes. Yet he necessary 185 Electoral college votes and also got just 184 come Hayes’s 165; 20 votes in Florida, Louisiana, Oregon and also South Carolina were disputed. Congress set up a commission composed of to represent of both next to decision the winner; on march 2, three days prior to the inauguration, they made decision Hayes — a deteriorate the democrats agreed come in exchange for a promise to pull commonwealth troops indigenous the South, finishing Reconstruction.


1888: The project was riddled with corruption, including charges the votes to be bought and Black votes suppressed. It finished with autonomous President Grover Cleveland win the popular vote by more than 90,000 votes over Republican Benjamin Harrison, but losing the electoral poll 233 come 168. Cleveland would certainly take earlier the office in the next presidential election.

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2000: Republican George W. Shrub lost the famous vote to Democrat Al Gore by an ext than 500,000 votes. Yet the Electoral College vote was tight, and it all came down to Florida, where a recount devolved into conflicts over the markings on separation, personal, instance ballots. On Dec. 12, the U.S. Can be fried Court stopped the recount with bush ahead in Florida, providing the election to the former Texas governor.

Bush won 271 electoral votes, Gore 266.

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2016: Trump won the Electoral College, 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227 — however lost the popular count through 2.8 million votes. Though the electorate has of course grown over the years, Trump lost the famous vote by a better margin 보다 anyone ever chosen president.

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President Joe Biden signed an executive order Sunday widening voting access in initiatives to "protect the ideal to vote and also ensure all eligible citizen can easily participate in the electoral process."