Yikes! bad Hillary Clinton had to stand by while her bitter foe Donald trump card was named President that the united States rather of she on Jan. 20, and also to include insult to injury she also allegedly caught her husband invoice ogling Ivanka Trump! watch for yourself, here.

Looks choose Slick Willy might be up to his old tricks! Twitter entered a frenzy top top Jan. 20, as soon as cameras allegedly caught Bill Clinton, 70, staring in ~ Ivanka Trump, 35 at the presidential inauguration! That’s no the worst the it. In the clip, Hillary Clinton, 69, catches her notoriously philandering husband staring at what fans believe to be Ivanka, and she does no look pleased!

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In the crazy video, bill stares off-screen (allegedly in ~ Ivanka) because that a lengthy time if biting his lip, together Hillary laughs along with Michelle Obama, 53. Once she glances ago at the she realizes he’s staring, and being grilling him. After ~ a while, that tilts his head in the direction of her a little bit to acknowledge his wife, but just keeps on staring. Ick!

Donald trump card Inauguration: watch Pics that The Ceremony

It;s tough to reference him because Ivanka looked for sure stunning at her father’s inauguration put on a standard classic with crisp white trousers and also a billowing white structure jacket. However, if bill truly is staring at another woman, that’s nice cold. Today need to be really hard on Hillary, due to the fact that she plainly expected to it is in the one sworn into office ~ above Jan. 20, 2017. Fans absolutely didn’t miss out on the opportunity to poke funny at the former President.

“Keep Ivanka far from Bill,” tweeted one user, while another joked “Bill Clinton stand there favor ‘Hey Ivanka, if you need a tourism of the White House speak to me.

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I know all room closets."” However, many fans simply laughed. “Bill Clinton looking at Ivanka and getting recorded by Hillary is the finest


Here are every one of the ideal reactions:

Bill Clinton looking at Ivanka and getting captured by Hillary is the ideal