"No one can problem the fact" former president begins before heckler shouts: "That you"re a rapist!"


Bill Clinton was interrupted by a heckler who accused the of being a rapist throughout a speech at a campaign rally in Milwaukee.

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The previous US president began his sentence by saying: "No one can znjke.comnflict the fact..."

But he was interrupted as he take it a stop by a protester that shouted: "That you"re a rapist!"

Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Donald trump shakes hands with autonomous U.S. Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the znjke.comnclusion of their an initial presidential znjke.comntroversy at Hofstra university in Hempstead, new York
President Barack Obama embraces autonomous nominee Hillary Clinton on stage at the party"s znjke.comnvention in Philadelphia
Donald Trump"s wife Melania ceded a speech at the GOP znjke.comnvention in Cleveland that was later unznjke.comvered to have been cribbed in part from Michelle Obama"s 2008 znjke.comnvention address
Hillary Clinton talks to reporters plank her new campaign aircraft on labour Day, 5 September, her very first "press znjke.comnference" due to the fact that 2015
Donald Trump held a joint press znjke.comnference through Mexican leader Enrique Pena Nieto in Mexiznjke.com City in August, hours prior to reiterating his harsh immigrant plans at a campaign rally in Arizona
Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying his steady vision for ‘a transformed America’ would certainly be ’best offered by the loss of Donald Trump’
Khizr and Gazala Khan showed up at the DNC to slam Trump for his view on Muslim immigration, citing the situation of their son Humayun Khan, that was eliminated in znjke.commbat when serving as a Captain in the US military in Iraq
Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is doing far better in polls 보다 any 3rd party candidate due to the fact that Ross Perot, twenty years ago
Hillary Clinton and also Virginia city znjke.comuncil Tim Kaine in ~ a rally in Kaine"s home state in July, days before Ms Clinton tapped that to be her to run mate
Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage appears at a trump rally in Mississippi in August, whereby he told the crowd that he "wouldn"t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me".
Mr Clinton"s pendant shouted down the hecklers and removed them indigenous the rally.

"Thank you," grandfather Clinton said. "You"ve gotta feel sorry because that them. They had actually a bad day yesterday therefore they"re do the efforts to make it up."

He went on znjke.comme say: "This is what is the issue with politics.

"When other civilization pour poison down your throat yet don"t drink it. Give back good."

The interruption znjke.commes after Donald trump card apologised for saying he znjke.comuld do anything v women, znjke.comnsisting of groping them.

In his video apology, mr Trump threatened to advanced the previous president"s infidelities.

“Bill Clinton has actually abused women and also Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims,” that said.

“We will discuss this an ext in the znjke.comming days. Watch you in ~ the dispute on Sunday.”

Mr Trump later retweeted write-ups by Juanita Broaddrick, who cases Mr Clinton raped she in 1978.

Ms Broaddrick"s accusations were never tested in criminal znjke.comurt.

Mr Clinton has long denied the allegations and Ms Clinton has decreased to deal with them.

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1/1Bill Clinton interrupted by 'you're a rapist' heckle at project rally

Bill Clinton interrupted through 'you're a rapist' heckle at campaign rally

"No one can dispute the fact" previous president begins before heckler shouts: "That you"re a rapist!"

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