Nearly 20 years after top the fee to impeach President bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich tho bemoans the media fascination through sex over policy. The pretense that he's a policy male who floats above the unseemliness of character investigations is laughable, Keith Boag writes.

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Newt Gingrich, a media surrogate because that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, slammed FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly Tuesday night for being 'fascinated through sex' and indifferent around public policy because she asked even if it is sex attack allegations against Trump to be a turning point in the campaign. (Curtis Compton/Associated Press)
With stunning hypocrisy Newt Gingrich slammed FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly Tuesday night for, in his view, putting prurience front of public plan in she coverage the the U.S. Presidential race. 

Gingrich scolded Kelly because that framing her question around Donald Trump's nosedive in opinion polls around whether the Republican nominee is a sexual predator.

She merely wanted to know whether the uncovering the a tape of Trump making lewd comments about women a few weeks earlier was a turning point in the campaign, yet Gingrich was having none of it.

"You are fascinated by sex and you don't care around public policy," the said.

Then he accused Kelly of a twin standard.

"I simply want to hear you usage the words 'Bill Clinton, sex-related predator.' I challenge you. Say, 'Bill Clinton sexual predator!'"

Kelly didn't to speak those words, possibly due to the fact that of a double standard but probably because of legit risks.

She might well think both Trump and also Clinton are sex-related predators, however the fact is only among them has actually confessed ~ above videotape that he take away strangers by the genitals and also pops Tic Tacs in his mouth in situation he decides to force his lips on a woman.

WARNING: This video contains graphics language

Gingrich's bizarre pretense that he's a policy man who floats over the unseemliness of personality investigations is, however, a howler.

It's a attitude he's to win before.

In his 2012 run for the Republican nomination, the deflected a concern from CNN anchor john King about his ex-wife Marianne's much-publicized allegation that Gingrich had actually proposed castle agree come an "open marriage" after he admitted he'd been having actually an affair because that the previous six years.

"I think the destructive, vicious, an adverse nature of much of the news media do it harder come govern this country, harder to attract good people to run for windy office," Gingrich lectured King to wild applause native the Republican audience in ~ the all-candidates debate.

"And I would be appalled that you would start a presidential controversy on a topic favor that."


Somehow at any time he has something scornful to say about the devolution the America's politics discourse, Gingrich's accusing finger constantly seems command at the news media.

Yet Gingrich to be at the scene of the original sin when the borders of investigation right into character and also sexual plot in politics life were erased. In fact, his fingerprints room on the eraser. 

Gingrich to be the speak of the house when President invoice Clinton to be impeached.

Politically urged digging

The charges versus Clinton were that he had perjured himself and obstructed justice. But the truth of the situation — that he lied to cover up his affair through a White residence intern, Monica Lewinsky — only pertained to light through years the digging v the muck that Clinton's sexual past.

It's well recorded that the digging to be politically motivated. It started as one investigation right into Clinton's business dealings when he was governor of Arkansas and also somehow infect every corner of his personal life, consisting of accusations of sexual harassment, sex-related assault and ultimately come the Lewinsky affair.

For months, the news overflowed with accounts of who touched whom, where and also when.

In the course of the the details of Clinton's private parts were topic to investigation, described for the record and flushed the end on cable news to saturation the country.

Hillary Clinton referred to as it "a large right-wing conspiracy" against her and her husband and there is proof to support that. She additionally took a hands-on strategy to she husband's defence and went follow me with the personality assassination of his accusers together "nuts and sluts." 


There is no discussion that lot of invoice Clinton's conduct to be deplorable. That lied under oath, but additionally to his wife and also to his the next friends and also colleagues. Some of the many serious allegations that his behaviour toward women persist come this day.

His plot fed the media hunger because that sleaze, no doubt. But changing attitudes and also standards worked versus him, too.

Feminists and evangelicals unite

The 1990s to be a time when two ideologically divergent social and also political movements found a common purpose. 

Feminists and evangelicals, for different reasons, both agreed the the character of political office holders — their exclusive behaviour — should matter in publicly life. 

As Jeffrey Toobin writes in his book A substantial Conspiracy, feminists insisted "the an individual is political" simply as Christian conservatives began asserting the motto "Character Counts."

And therein put a political chance for Republicans.

There is no doubt Clinton's fiercest adversaries wanted the impeachment so they could put his character on trial and also House speak Gingrich was your instrument. 

In the midterm poll of 1998, Gingrich lent his then-considerable affect to making the impeachment the the president the Republican's central campaign issue.


But he badly misread the the atmosphere of the country and the tactic backfired spectacularly.

Democrats organized the Senate and also made benefit in the house in a year once the historical pattern indicated the the contrary should have actually happened.

Soon after the election, Gingrich resigned as Speaker. Climate his supposed replacement, Robert Livingston, i was withdrawn from consideration for the office between revelations of one extramarital affair.

The impeachment of Clinton proceeded and also he to be acquitted in the Senate.

But the personal sex life of publicly figures ended up being a permanent issue of American political discourse.

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Nearly 20 years later, Gingrich tho bemoans the media fascination with sex over policy in one breath and also in the following says come Megyn Kelly: "I simply want to hear you usage the native 'Bill Clinton, sex-related predator. I challenge you. Say, 'Bill Clinton sex-related predator.'"

She said he work-related on his anger worries instead.

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