The show’s costume designer on creating historical replicas alongside present producer Lewinsky—as well together shopping Monica’s closet.

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Clive Owen and Beanie Feldstein as President bill Clinton and also Monica Lewinsky in ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’ Photo: Tina Thorpe/FX

Monica Lewinsky‘s blue gap dress demands no introduction. However for the costume department of FX’s Impeachment, that’s what made it a real sartorial challenge. 

“Monica has actually been reduced to this dress in so countless ways,” costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack says, of attempting come recreate (and de-punchline) the controversial garment ~ above the show—the latest in the FX anthology collection American Crime Story, based upon President invoice Clinton‘s 1998 impeachment proceedings.“What i appreciated about the manuscript was that wasn’t really a large deal. Yes, it came to be important in the

—but Monica didn’t understand that as soon as she wore it.” as soon as it shows up in the show, the dress is cure ordinarily, no salaciously.


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