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invoice Clinton stated he noticed Hillary in class. Susan Adkisson/Ap pictures

The future president and an initial lady of the United claims met in 1971 while researching together at Yale legislation School, with their official meet happening at the library.

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At the 2016 democratic National Convention, Bill shared the story of how he met Hillary in ~ the Yale university Library ~ noticing her in class, saying, "She exuded this sense of strength and also self-possession the I found magnetic."


George McGovern lost his bid. connected PRESS

Early in your relationship, the previous White home residents carried out a political endeavor together together they traveled to Texas in 1972 to help George McGovern with his presidential campaign.

According to the Texas Tribune, Bill served as McGovern"s "Texas political allude man" while Hillary was "responsible because that registering black and also Hispanic southern Texas voters for the autonomous National Committee."


bill Clinton proposed an ext than once. Barry Thuma/AP images

Hillary didn"t accept Bill"s an initial proposal.

According come ABC, invoice proposed come Hillary for the an initial time in 1973 in Ennerdale, England, however she originally turned that down because she "needed time." soon after detect a residence in Arkansas, Hillary embraced Bill"s proposal.


Hillary and also Bill Clinton wed in your living room. Danny Johnston/Ap photos

About 2 years after getting engaged, Hillary Rodham and also Bill Clinton wed in the life room of their brand new home in Arkansas v a Methodist minister to officiate, according to The Knot.

Just 15 people attended the exclusive ceremony, yet the newlyweds welcomed numerous friends come a backyard reception.

This would be the start of invoice Clinton's politics career. B. Arthur/AP

Bill"s an initial successful foray into politics came with his choice to Arkansas Attorney basic in 1976 when he ran unopposed.

His nomination and election come after a failed operation at the home of to represent in 1974, follow to CNN. He lost to the Republican incumbent, man Paul Hammerschmidt.

invoice Clinton was just 32 at the time. Danny Johnston/AP

After a two-year stint as the attorney General, Clinton was elected the branch of Arkansas in 1978 at simply 32 years old.

At the time, he to be the youngest governor in the country and the second-youngest branch in the state of Arkansas"s history, follow to The Encyclopedia that Arkansas history & Culture.

Chelsea Clinton join the household in 1980. DONALD R. BROYLES/AP

The pair became parents to Chelsea Victoria Clinton in February 1980.

As the only child the the couple, Chelsea invested the first 12 years of she life in Arkansas before moving come Washington DC to end up being the an initial daughter.

Chelsea currently serves together the evil Chair of the Clinton Foundation, a plank member of structure affiliate Clinton Health access Initiative.

The 1990s: throughout Bill's presidential campaign, the "Whitewater controversy" rocked the couple's budding legacy.

The controversy started with one investigation into real-estate investments. kris O"Meara/AP

In the 1990s, the "Whitewater controversy" rocked the couple"s budding heritage when the United states Office of live independence Counsel investigated the couple in relation to their investment in 230 acre of riverfront landin Arkansas in 1978.

To construct the land right into vacation homes, Bill and also Hillary formed the Whitewater breakthrough Corporation v James (Jim) and Susan McDougal.

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The project failed and Jim McDougal purchase a tiny savings and also loan association, and, follow to Vox "renamed the Madison Guaranty, and also defrauded both it and also the small-business invest firm capital Management services to the song of $3 million."

The Clintons came under examination after it was alleged lock were associated in the defrauding.

Of the controversy, follow to The Washington Post, in 1994, "The House and also Senate banking committees start hearings on Whitewater. Twenty-nine Clinton administration officials are subpoenaed or testify at conference hearings. All space cleared of any kind of wrongdoing."

In her 2003 memoir "Living History," Hillary only briefly identified the controversy, just writing there were "public relationships mistakes in just how we tackled the farming controversy"" and also ""Whitewater never seemed real since it wasn"t."