The william J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is situated on the grounds that the Clinton Presidential Center and Park. Including the nationwide Archives & documents Administration, the grounds likewise carry workplaces for the Clinton Foundation"s small Rock office and also the University of Arkansas Clinton school of windy Service.

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In addition to the archival collections and also research facilities, the Clinton Presidential Library and also Museum features exhibits, special events, and educational programs for the public. The museum exhibits consists of replicas of the Oval Office and the room Room. A timeline and also alcoves highlight domestic and also foreign policy, and life in the White House. Irreversible exhibits make use of documents, photographs, videos, and interactive stations, when two momentary galleries turn traveling and in-house constructed exhibits.

The grounds share an are with The Choctaw rail station, which as soon as served as a avoid for the absent Island Rocket, and also in vicinity come the center is Heifer International, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and eStem primary school School.

Please see listed below for information regarding hours, directions, parking, and admissions. Additional information is located at the bottom (footer) that the page.


MUSEUM HOURS:Monday - Saturday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.Sunday: 1-5 p.m.

LOCATED AT1200 president Clinton Ave.Little Rock, AR 72201

PARKINGParking is free for Museum visitors. Spaces accessible for tour buses and recreational vehicles.

The Clinton Presidential Library is located off interstate 30 in small Rock, AR and is just a 10 minute journey from small Rock nationwide Airport and convenient come downtown stores, restaurants and also hotels.

North that the city: From federal government 40 usage the interstate 30 exit and take departure 141A Cantrell/Clinton Ave (it’s the very first exit after ~ you overcome the Arkansas River). Follow the sign to 2nd St/Ferry Rd. Rotate left ~ above Ferry Rd and also then right on chairman Clinton Ave.

South of the city: From federal government 30, take departure 140 (Ninth St/Sixth St) and also continue on the company road till you reach third St. Turn ideal on third St, take it the second left onto Dean Kumpuris St. Climate turn right on chairman Clinton Ave.

West that the city: federal government 630 merges onto federal government 30. After entering the federal government 30 merge, stay to the right. The next exit is departure 141A Cantrell/Clinton Ave. Remain to the right and continue under the off ramp. The road will separation at the bottom that the turn off ramp going come a stop sign and also continuing right. Proceed to the ideal onto second St. After proceeding under the bridge, take it the 2nd left ~ above Dean Kumpuris St. Then turn ideal on chairman Clinton Ave.

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All discounts need to be attach by current and proper identification. We accept all credit transaction cards, debit cards and travelers’ checks. We do not accept an individual checks. We honor all Presidential Library cards together our own.