FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 13: Tom Brady #12 of the new England Patriots reacts with head coach bill Belichick throughout the 4th quarter the a game against the Seattle Seahawks in ~ Gillette stadium on November 13, 2016 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by billie Weiss/Getty Images)

The relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has actually been a constant topic the conversation in current weeks — specifically with their first meeting as adversaries this past weekend.

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In a tightly-contested 19-17 contest, Brady, currently a member the the Tampa bay Buccaneers, took down his former brand-new England Patriots head coach in Gillette Stadium. While leading up to the dispute was all service for the former QB-coach duo, they were ultimately able come share a personal moment with each other after the game.

During a recent appearance through Jim Gray’s Let’s go!his podcast, Brady common his think on that meeting. The seven-time Super bowl champion supported this episode on his Twitter Tuesday evening.

“Great to be ago in brand-new England critical weekend, but as a wise male once said.. ‘We’re on to Miami,"” that wrote.

Great come be back in brand-new England critical weekend, however as a wise male once said.. “We’re on come Miami”

Full episode out now: https://t.co/tJnW3E1gLc pic.twitter.com/2gwSo11KY5

— Tom Brady (
TomBrady) October 5, 2021

Brady wouldn’t get in details concerning the conversation, however he did say it was great to catchup v his previous coach.

“It was a quite conversation,” Brady stated of his postgame meeting v Belichick. “I’ve to be really concentrated on what I should do because that the Bucs and he’s focused on what his role for the Patriots.

“For 20 years I basically experienced him everyday. Because I left new England, we’ve never seen each of type of challenge to face. It was nice to record up and also exchange simply some various thoughts we had actually been having. And it to be a an excellent way to end the night for both the us.”

Leading approximately Sunday’s matchup in brand-new England, the subject of Brady’s exit following the 2019 season was a typical discussion. Many believe the all-time good quarterback’s souring partnership with Belichick play a major role in his decision to leaving in complimentary agency.

Again, Brady emphasized his appreciation for whatever Belichick has done because that him — beginning with his draft an option in 2000 and through every of their six Super bowl titles together.

“We have a very personal relationship and also from my standpoint, prefer I claimed — and I’ve reiterated it fairly a couple of times — he’s been a great mentor because that me,” Brady said. “When I proved up in Foxborough, i didn’t know anything around pro football. I verified up together a child from California, checked out Michigan, and also he to be an remarkable mentor for me. Remarkable coach for our team and also a lot of men would to speak that.”

Creating a decades-long empire together, Brady and Belichick acquired to understand each other pretty fine — and that doesn’t simply go away end night.

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“When you’re with someone because that 20 years, you know him nice well,” Brady said. “He’s quiet doing a good job and also I’m trying to carry out a great job. We’re really competitive people.

“I appreciate every little thing he’s done for me as a coach, together I’ve said plenty of times. I recognize he feels that same means about me.”