The Clintons may have actually left a specific Washington deal with almost 20 years ago, yet -- unlike most of their presidential predecessors -- the family has preserved a home in the us capital since leaving the White House.

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Now, Hillary is supplying a rare glimpse into the pair"s city retreat, after she opened the doors of the neo-Georgian residence to architectural Digest.

A series of exclude, photographs because that Architectural Digest"s site present off the property"s airy conservatory and sizable swim pool. An accompanying interview likewise sees the previous secretary the state recalling her very first encounter through the residence in 2000, the last full year bill Clinton offered as President.
"It was an emotional reaction," she"s quoted as saying. "When i was elected to the Senate in 2000, ns knew the I needed a place to live while us were in session throughout the year. For this reason I began looking. And, I had an endure in this house, i m sorry was just emotional."
Known simply as Whitehaven, the residence is located on Whitehaven Street, a quiet cul-de-sac just over 3 kilometers native the White House. At the time, the pair payment a reported $2.85 million because that the 5,500-square-foot property, i m sorry is close come a section of Massachusetts Avenue called "Embassy Row."

"I had gone as much as the 3rd floor and looked out over the tree -- to the back of the brothers Embassy -- and also I just felt prefer I remained in old-time London or new York," Clinton continued. "The gardens were just the many amazing that I had seen almost everywhere in mine real-estate tour."
While the Clintons preserve their major residence in Chappaqua, brand-new York, the DC house served together a getaway and also -- at the time -- a "very nice refuge from my life in the Senate," Hillary is reported together saying.
After getting the red-brick house, developed in 1951, Clinton embarked on an extensive renovation project. In between 2003 and 2006, she functioned with internal designer Rosemarie Howe to revamp the property.
"The mandate was to bring much more light and to create more physical an are for sitting and also relaxing," Howe told architecture Digest. "We also wanted to open the home and every one of its internal rooms come this beautiful earlier garden."

Howe, who collaborated through Clinton on her brand-new York guesthouse and also State department office, helped develop an expanded, sun-filled conservatory, decorated in shades that red and tan. Pictures released by the magazine present a table featuring various mementos, including a teapot apparently gifted to the Clintons by Nelson Mandela, and a personalized picture of Jordan"s former monarch, King Hussein, v his widow Queen Noor.

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Howe also re-fitted the bathrooms and kitchen, in addition to picking furniture because that the home. Clinton"s mom Dorothy Rodham, meanwhile, helped pick furnishings, paint and patterns. Rodham walk on to live in the residence prior to passing far in 2011.
"The Clintons have actually a lovely connection to your past," Howe continued. "But it"s all v a complete lack of pretense ... A vital part for (Clinton) is the she wants human being to come in the door and also not feeling intimidated. She wants a comfortable location for anyone to sit."
Clinton told architecture Digest that she offers the expansive outdoor area -- which attributes a swim pool, pool house and landscaped garden -- to host events (for "hundreds and hundreds of world sometimes," she is quoted as saying).