Captain Tyler McLaughlin, 24, has actually long been a big fisherman in a tiny pond. A household name approximately Rye harbor whereby he’s fished for tuna due to the fact that he was old enough to organize a pole, he’s now competing in deep water in season 2 the National geographic Channel’s “Wicked Tuna.”

McLaughlin’s very first claim come fame was once his father’s fishing watercraft was called “The Pacifier” because, as a 2-year-old, going out on fishing trips through his dad to be the just thing the would keep him quiet. Currently aboard the Pinwheel v his mates Adam Moser and Alex Whitney (both NH college chums) he’s anything however quiet ~ above the water together he seeks to to like the Gloucester crews by taking in the biggest records from under their noses while fishing their waters (and pushing back the googans). It’s hard dangerous work but it has its rewards. A solitary prize bluefin tuna can bring in as much as $20,000 and each season’s winner will have bragging rights for a lifetime.

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What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever before reeled in?A 1,269-pound tuna that’s the biggest ever before weighed in ~ above the eastern Coast. It’s no in the record publication but it’s known. It would certainly be official if I’d referred to as it in and also gotten them to authenticate it.

What are few of the risks of what friend do? I live out there top top a single-engine boat, 150 miles the end in the ocean, and we don’t come in for a most storms. We record the fish one-on-one and you’re hauling lock in through ropes and also line and there’s a many hand contact. If friend get caught up in among the ropes you obtain pulled over.

More about “Wicked Tuna” and also Tyler

“Wicked Tuna” airs ~ above Sundays at 9 p.m. Top top the National geographical channel.

Curious about how Tyler McLaughlin and also his crew on the pen Wheel vessel space doing? Click below to inspect out the leaderboard. Girlfriend can likewise vote for her favorite ship.

Meet Tyler in a video from national Geographic.

More photos native the display can be uncovered here.

Are the fish dangerous as soon as you have actually them onboard? No. When on the boat we take good care the them, bleeding lock out and cherishing them, making sure it has actually no damage due to the fact that it’s going come auction. Us savor each catch.

Do friend think of fish as intelligent prey, the means hunters view deer? Yeah, i think the bluefin is the smartest fish in the ocean, the most elusive fish. Just two points can catch them: killer whales and also humans, therefore we not only overcome the many magnificent fish in the sea we perform it much better than anyone else.

People that watch the display will find out the hatchet “googans.” What’s the mean?Weekend warriors. Non-professionals the end to catch tuna. I speak to them clowns. Ns play through the radio just to confused them. I’ll simply say that we’re going somewhere to fish and also a googan will hear me and also actually walk there.

How real is the rivalry on the show? It’s a NH boat in Massachusetts waters. A great fisherman will certainly take your fish away so they recognize what’s coming. I may be a kid however I can smoke them as soon as it involves fishing. I’m walk to represent NH in Gloucester, the heart of the fishing industry, and also I think I have the right to go down there and also kick butt.

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What’s your take top top the future the tuna fishing? I’m young and I enjoy fishing and want to store doing it. We record tuna one fish at a time. Our resource is extremely migratory, they walk all roughly the world. Part other nations go out with large quarter-mile-long nets and also take whole families that fish. That’s simply not right.